Cydia Alternative Installer 5 For iOS 11 Coming Out Soon

The jailbreak scene has is alive now and Jay Freeman, a creator and general maintainer of Cydia, has confirmed that he is working on some old tweaks from the jailbreak world to offer better iOS 11 compatibilities. And now, another name from the jailbreak archives has reemerged, with it being confirmed that Installer is getting yet another version of its fifth major release.

Those individuals who are involved in the jailbreak community will definitely recognize the Installer name. Since it was updated to version 4.0 back in 2011 when it was put together and maintained by Ripdev and Nullriver.

It was the good old days of iOS 4.x.x, with the wonderful skeuomorphic design and user-interface which is very much unrecognizable by today’s aesthetic standards. Though Cydia not being updated for iOS 10 and 11 has also been enough for Installer to be entirely rebuilt from the ground up for the modern jailbreak would and released as a version 5.

Tipped that the rebuild is being handled by Sam Guichelaar and the Infini_Dev team. With the Installer 5 website here, promising that the substitute app for Cydia will be “coming to jailbroken iOS devices on iOS 11 soon.”

The changelog information also gives an insight into what Installer 5 is for those who aren’t familiar with past historical activity of the app, confirming that it “is an open source, a free package manager for jailbroken devices on iOS 10 & 11.”

Installer 5 will be a Cydia alternative complete with source management, different packages to install directly to the jailbroken device. In short, Installer 5 will bring the ability to also manage and update already installed packages. But again, it doesn’t really negate the need for Cydia or Substrate to be updated as Installer 5 doesn’t act as a direct replacement or offer compatibility for packages which rely on a functioning version of MobileSubstrate. Nevertheless, some members over at the community are even describing it as trying to solve a problem which actually doesn’t exist.

Otherwise, more information will be coming soon. The team behind it hasn’t provided any specific release details. We’ll be sure to update this post in the near future if we find anything new.

(Source: @Infini_Dev [Twitter])

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