All You Can Sign Up For Project Fi To Get A Huge Discount On A Google Nexus Phone

Finally it has gone live now. Google’s Project Fi mobile phone service officially open its gate for all users living in the United States (US).

Announced its own mobile phone network in the form of Project Fi last year in April month along with the launch of Nexus 6. The service was actually following an invite system till now, has been closed and has opened for anyone to sign up and try it out.

Ten months after launch, Google’s own carrier service, Project Fi, is finally ditching invites for everyone in the US. What to note as important is that this Fi service still only works on newer generation Nexus devices, mobile phones that carry a brand name of Google. Project Fi is a smartphone carrier that wants to rethink mobile plans. By creating its own virtual network operator, combining Sprint and T-Mobile coverage maps, Fi thereotically gives the best possible coverage. Intelligently, the service is built to switch between networks when signal is the strongest.

How its handles data is in question, and the most interesting part about Fi, however is. Instaed of paying a flat fee every month and using or losing what you have, Project Fi only cahrges for what you use at a competitive price of $10 per gigabyte (GB). Both the mobile networks will now allow users across the US to sign up for service without having to wait in-line for an invite. Available for Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6 and that too works with a special SIM card that supports connections to multiple cellular networks.

For Nexus 5X, Google deeply discounted ist data plans to only $200 if you sign up. Project Fi can link to one of the two 4G LTE or to Wi-Fi networks automatically, selecting optimal connections and switching from one to another without any interruption of the service.

Charges $20 for the basic plans which include Unlimited domestic calls and texting, WiFi tethering, unlimited International texting, and get access to cell coverage abroad while the data costs $10 for one GB, $20 for 2GB and on.

Insights about Project Fi as the company said in its blog post “15% of customers have used Fi abroad in 110 of the over 120 supported countries.” Promotional offers also placed and given to people to sign up for Project Fi, will get the Nexus 5X at $199 for the next month.

Then! What’s your choice now?

(Source: Google)

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