AP FiberNet: Andhra Pradesh CM Launches 15Mbps Broadband Internet At Rs 149 per Month, 100Mbps For Rs 999

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Chandrababu Naidu in collaboration with Cisco has launched the AP Fiber Grid project in Vizag to provide broadband connectivity at cheap rate in the state. The initiative is aimed at delivering affordable internet connections to all households, and this is the first phase introduced in districts of Vishakapatnam, Srikakulam and Vizaianagaram by April. It will also cover the rest of the state by the end of July this year.

Fiber Grid project launched in Andhra Pradesh, 15Mbps for Rs. 149 per month

AP Government has signed an MoU with Cisco company to introduce FiberNet as part of the inauguration of India’s first statewide braodband project ‘AP Fiber-Net’ here. The CM of Andhra Pradesh said that digital transformation was mostly means to ignate sustainable growth and improve society, and that tends to provide internet connection to all homes in the state as part of Digital India campaign.

Under the project, 15Mbps broadband connection will be given away at a price for Rs. 149 per month to households and 100Mbps connection to offices at Rs. 999 per month. AP FiberNet connection will get 100 free-to-air TV channels and telephone facility within the same package of cable network. Electrical poles are been used to lay overhead fiber net cables instead of underground cable to save the development cost.

The AP Fiber Grid project has been taken under the national Optic Fiber Network ofthe Centre as a pilot. Implemented at a cost of Rs 333 crore and will be gradually iterated to other regions of the state in the next few months.

The Grid includes 22,500 kms of ADSS optical fiber cable, connected to almost 3.75 lakh electrical poles and 2449 PoPs in sub-stations, 10K government offices, 60K schools and 6,580 primary health care ceners, which will benefit with AP Fiber-Net grid project.

The project will build and operate various components including service operation center, network operations as well as the aerial fiber networks and also intrigued this network in the nearest PoP provided.

Fiber Grid will lead to digital empowerment, says Naidu

Executive chairman of Cisco John T Chambers said:

Cisco will set up an Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation Centre in Visakhapatnam to foster regional innovation and will enable partners and startups to build solutions around IoE and engage in rapid prototyping.”

After the first phase of Fiber Grid project inauguration in Visakhapatnam, CM of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandrababu Naidu said:

” It is my dream to ensure that every household in the State has access to internet and every family reaps the benefit of it. Internet, video and telephone services will be provided at the doorstep through the project.”

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