iPhone 7 May Support Apple’s Light-based Li-Fi Wireless Data, iOS Source Code Reveals

It seems like Apple is indeed working to add Li-Fi to its upcoming iPhones and mobile platform, as it went into recent versions of it, the Cupertino-based company has been toying around with an experimental, high-speed wireless networking protocol. The catchup has been spotted in the public domain by Chase Fromm via Twitter. Revealed with the leaked image showcasing the references to LiFiCapability in Apple’s iOS 9.1 firmware. What’s up right now is that it led to the speculation that next-generation Apple’s iPhone dubbed the iPhone 7 – could ship with such Li-Fi capabilities built directly into it.

Was thought that Li-Fi service is one of a kind of inclusion similar to how an infrared remote control works. Data that requires transmission is sent via a rapidly modulating light source, and such which then is received at the other end by a purpose-built light sensor. While the combination of those two sources then ensures that the transmitted data is effectively pieced together at the receiving end into an electric signal ready for use in any manner required. Although, the complete process uses visible light, which isn’t seen by a human eye. The technology that is still in a highly experimental phase, with a number of companies, including Apple, seems, looking to find a better way to make the tech accessible to be used in cosnumer gardgets like smartphones.

Forget Wi-Fi – the Future is Li-Fi
Thanks to AppleInsider for this, as Apple filed a patent in 2013 that describes a method of “optical modulation using an image sensor”. The assigned patent then provided a clear indication that Mac maker was actually working on producing some kind of technology capable of transferring data wirelessly by utilizing light. No, namy general users are familar with Li-Fi as a technology, but these indicators within iOS indeed gives a clear sign that Apple is planning on bringing the testing technology into the mainstream. Idea behind making it’s integration into the iPhone 7 could probably be a little optimistic at this point, when to be perfectly honset.

The  image showing LiFiCapability highlighted in iOS 9.1 firmware
It’s unlikely that this discovery of Apple’s filed patent, and along with the company is proactively working with and testing Li-Fi capabilities within iOS, will help Li-Fi to the forefront of the inductry. If it does, then the hope being that additional resources and a higher level of importance will be placed on the Li-Fi technology that might become a game cahnger for home automation solutions.

Are you expected to see a future Li-Fi compatible iPhone? It’s not strange anymore, happened already.

(Source: @kyoufujibaya [Twitter] | Via: Apple Insider)

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