AT&T Starts Supporting Cross-Network Voice Over LTE HD Video Calls In Select Areas

It’s officially announced to the press that United States-based mobile carrier AT&T has begun testing cross-network VoLTE calls in specific part of its coverage areas. Mobile network of America has been spreading the word about the Voice over LTE services for quite some time now, but has been slow to get the service off the ground and up and running for its subscribers. With this announcement, VoLTE seems to be officially gathering pace with the aim being to offer HD calls across its LTE network to all subscribers in all areas.

Video calling via VoLTE services is a bit more extreme and AT&T is also taking the opportunity to wax lyrical about the far-reaching capabilities of its VoLTE network. The company had made an announcement earlier this month stating that initial testing of VoLTE showed that “performance was strong,” and that the company’s goal were to bring HD audio and advanced video calling features to those AT&T subscribers wanting to contact customers on other carriers such as Verizon. The goal as the company is now reporting that it has placed its first “VoLTE exchange between [their] customers and another carrier is limited, select areas.”

upporting Cross-Network VoLTE HD Audio / Video Calls
While the Big Blue Network claims that its VoLTE network currently offers coverage to more than 295 million Americans spread across multiple carriers. A huge of 27 million, or 9.15%, of that reach are active AT&T subscribers. New Year Eve’s news being that AT&T has crafted its VoLTE network to ensure that those with a capable device get imediate access to the network and services when it becomes active in their areas as part of the staggered roll-out.

No specific timescale given by AT&T n when this new HD voice calling feature will be rolled out across all subscribers, but if you happen to live in one of the unspecified “select areas”, and have a friend or acquaintance on the unspecified carrier that is supported, then the chances are you can try it out right away. When VoLTE does actually roll out, it will join a number of features introduced during 2015 to the AT&T universe that fall under the network’s Rich Communications Services platform, like Wi-Fi Calling, NumberSync, and Advanced Messaging.


Let’s hope those deals, clear HD calls are worth waiting for.

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