Beta 1 Of iOS 9.3 Brings New Alert View Interface And Ability To Hide Stock Apple Apps Feature

Surprsingly Apple has seeded first iOS 9.3 beta to developers and public beta testers following the Dev beta 1.1 recently and adds several features to the list of for the platform. Release of the initial beta of iOS 9.3 is somewhat gift giving, as the pre-release firmware arrived only few days ago and perfectly argued like any evolutionary upgrade. Developers and Public Beta program members found some significant time investigating on a number of new features rather than simply focusing on performance and stability. After which was confirmed that Apple has added more than enough in the form of a way to hide those pesky stock apps that come pre-installed on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Same time also appears to be a new Alert view (UIAlertView) interface showing to take what has come before iOS 9.3 beta 1 and adds a much more 2D, clean look to it.

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What’s a big deal? Finding Night Shift in iOS 9.3. Uncovering the fact that Siri had additional language support for specific regions. Apple has also released a curated shiny Configuration Profile for OTA beta installation for developers, also a big deal and the user able to hiding those Apple apps that you never actually asked to be installed on your device, and the fact something that feels entirely unlike Apple. Alert view interface would be another deal regarding your iOS 9.3 experience.

iOS 9.3 changes also incorporates the Wi-Fi Assist option, now also show how much data has been used will likely go unnoticed by most on Cellular connection, somewhjat like a spy on your iPhone. First noticed alteration in iOS 9.3 beta 1 not long after installing it. A Reddit thread has appeared that not only confirms that we weren’t imagining things for first time around, but also with example on what the new interface actually looks to those not currently running the beta.

How to hide stock apps with the ability of iOS 9.3 feature?


The process isn’t as simple as flicking a toggle to hide or unhide the particular apps through the Settings app. Reason, it involves accessing the app’s unique Bundle Identifier, and then using Apple Configurator 2.2 Beta with a command to “Do not allow some apps?”; its fairly essential be hiding the app based on its identier. Later it requires the device to be plugged in and have the profile applied for the changes to take effect and for the desired apps to simply vanish from the Home screen, completely, no temporarily.

Notably, this process in hiding stock Apple apps from your iDevice is not exactly a “user friendly” solution and it does come with a few trade-offs, such as wiping the device when processed, and certainly needs a little bit of knowledge, technically. Unti now, users have really relied one of two ways to effectively get the same situation without needing to jailbreak their device.

For you all iOS 9.3 running devices, Apple is not going to promote it officially, but nevertheless a big deal for additional options to do so.

About the new iOS 9.3 Alert View interface, here’s what it actually looks:

At a quick glance, this is one of the new interface’s very much looks like at home of any Android device, still following the very best design choices of iOS 7 onward. Buttons, that have been moved to the right and grouped closer together while borders around each have been removed. Now that, the rounded edges of the alert have a larger radius than that in Google’s current Material Design language for Android.


Android 5.0 alert interface (left) versus the new Alert view in iOS 9.3 beta 1 (right)

Still there’s a lot of wasted space that we’re sure could be fixed before iOS 9.3 download becomes available to everyone, publicly.

(Source: Reddit 1 | Reddit 2)

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