PlayBoxHD Re-Launched As CinemaBox For iOS And Android, Now Works Without Jailbreak

PlayBox HD was once been so popular in the movie streaming market and been a big rival to the likes of Netflix and Hulu who go through the laborious process of negotiating deals with video content providers and offering its streaming services for a monthly subscription. On iOS, PlayBox HD was one of the best video streaming app available in the past directly from the App Store, but later it was removed by the firm and finally decided to forgo all of the pleasantries and legalities to simply offer a free streaming experience, re-released service as CinemaBox for iOS and Android devices.

After launching as PlayBox HD offering movie streaming across multiple categories and genres, the service relaunched on iOS and Android as CinemaBox.

Is essentially a full fledged movie streaming service that offers the type of features and functionality that expected from a premium platform like Netflix. CinemaBox’s free access to multitude of movies and TV shows across various genres and categories makes sense. With frequent updates that not only add additional content, but also includes new sourese of high quality media content. CinemaBox has also adds a Kids Mode that actually makes the whole experience safe and more convinient for kids who shouldn’t be accessing adult content of any nature.


Additional features support for seamless download of movies for offline playback when there’s no network coverage or WiFi connection. No jailbreak required to run CinemaBox on iPhone or iPad and recommended not to use cellular data plans when watching movies or downloading anything of that nature, so that you don’t want to hit with huge bill for movie streaming over data.

Finally, there’s also CinemaBox support for Google’s Chromecast, Apple’s AirPlay, and even Wi-Fi sharing of content. With the benefit being that it still doesn’t need an iOS device to be jailbroken on iOS 9.3 or above to go through the process of installation. All of this available under the rebranded CinemaBox, the app hasn’t been submitted to Apple or Google for distribution due o the fact that the “service” it offers.


Interested in checking ut on how it compares to the more morally intact competition, then you obviously can learn more about it at (jailbroken users can get it from on Cydia). Tips and hints for non-jailbroken iOS (almost all iOS versions are supported from iOS 7 to 9.3.x) and Android users at the service’s dedicated help page. Or else you can also check out the video below to find the help guide you want to go through the process.

How to install CinemaBox on iOS and Android – Guide

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