WhatsApp 2.12.15 Update For iPhone Download Now Fixes Storage Hogging Bug

Facebook has launched an updated version 2.12.15 of the WhatsApp for iOS client that, amongst other things, brings fix for a storage bug and could see the app repeatedly get into an iPhone’s remaining memory space.

Users holding a smaller capacity iPhone like an 8GB iPhone 5c or 4s or even the 16GB base-model iPhone 6s, you will already be known by now that keeping any space free on your iPhone is something of a juggling act. Such kind of things can’t make any easier to do if that particular app continuously devour up any space you may have due to a bug. Actually, that sounds downright antagonize,

Released WhatsApp 2.12.15, Facebook rightly believes they have put a fix whatever was causing the issue in the first place. Recently, a new WhatsApp feature was added to allow PDFs to be sent and received, also included a media document sharing feature with other apps, where that update appears to have caused some issues. Currently, there are no clues whether the problem stems from the new feature itself or a bug related to something else that as somehow introduced during that upgrade is unknown at this point, but initial reports do suggest that this new version of WhatsApp is allowing users to reclaim some of their lost space again, like what you can see in the “What’s New” list of changes below.

Changelog for WhatsApp’s latest update, with the storage space bug as well as the PDF sharing feature highlighted at the top of the list

Getting you hands on this new, updated version of WhatsApp for iPhone is just a case of opening the App Store and downloading the update, which is about as easy as things get in the real-time and age. If you’re one of those suffering from disappearing storage, then we heartly suggest downloading the WhatsApp version 2.12.15 as soon as possible, cleaning out some some and then perhaps rebooting your iOS device to see how things stand and regain. Nevertheless, you will not only have some extra space back, but hopefully it shouldn’t go missing any additional time soon.

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