Downloading Game Of Thrones Season 7 Torrents? HBO Is Already Chasing You

In any case you’re downloading Game of Thrones season 7 episodes illegally via torrents, should know that HBO might take severe action against that, chasing you. Here are the details.

HBO has kicked off the highly anticipated seventh season of Game of Thrones this Sunday, as soon as the first episode ended it popped up on the internet, with torrents rushing to get their hands on it.

No surprise that if any new popular episode or a blockbuster movie releases, all will be settled on the torrent sites, and it’s the case with the recent episode of Game of Thrones, how the episode quickly spread across torrenting and streaming sites breaking previous records, and now it seems that HBO is keen to make sure that everyone knows that if they download its content illegally, then they can expect consequences. Well, HBO isn;t messing around with pirates.

TorrentFreak reports that, as soon as the episode was pirated, HBO’s piracy partner IP Echelon – the anti-piracy company HBO uses, started sending notices to the ISPs of those who were seen to be distributing the content via torrents, requesting that they in turn tell their uses to, well, not do it anymore.

In other words, HBO is chasing around and is monitoring torrents and has already sent out thousands of warning letters. Those notices include the IP address of the user that was found to be in breach of copyright as well as text that even goes the route of suggesting that downloaders of pirated content are at risk of security breaches.

“We have information leading us to believe that the IP address was used to download or share Game of Thrones without authorization,” the notification begins.

“HBO owns the copyright or exclusive rights to Game of Thrones, and the unauthorized download or distribution constitutes copyright infringement.”

With Game of Thrones season 7, HBO has although broken a number of piracy records, thanks to the show’s long run, and the fact that HBO is a premium add-on for most cable subscribers, Kodi is also not a genuine add-on it seems. The back catalogue also isn’t available on Netflix or any other cheap streaming service. All of that has combined to create the perfect storm of piracy for HBO to fight against.

To try and deter pirates, the HBO’s Echelon has been tracking and recording the IPs that are downloading the first episode of season 7 from the most popular torrents. Although the magic of peer-to-peer file sharing is that it’s nearly impossible to shut down, because the system doesn’t actually rely on one server or web address. But the downside is that the list of IP addresses that are downloading and sharing any torrent is publicly available.

While US ISPs are not required by law to forward the requests on to their users, they can do so as a courtesy of copyright act/holders. With that said, Game of Thrones officially the most pirated TV series ever, we expect this whole charade to take place each and every week a new episode airs, so sit tight folks.

IP Echelon and HBO will hope that the scary notices will be enough to presaude at least some pirates to pony up $14.99 for HBO’s streaming service, rather than pirate next week’s episode. We should see how this works and how much time it takes to prevent Game of Thrones season episodes from downloading torrents.

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