Facebook To Bring End-To-End Encryption To Its Messenger, Like WhatsApp Does

Facebook is going to join the WhatsApp Messenger’s end-to-end encryption game very soon, according to a new report surfaced from The Guardian. With that said, the social network could add encryption feature to its Messenger app later this year. Learn more about how Facebook Messenger’s end-to-end encryption works and what to expect.

Originally the encryption is one of those features that would apparently allow only the sender and recipient to read the texts, and is expected to be optional, will not be active by default. This encryption mode will act as an obstacle for some of the machine learning features which Facebook is reportedly developing into Messenger.


Currently, Facebook Messenger although has over 900 million active users and comes equipped with a number of features as well. Facebook has unveiled Bots for its Messenger platform at its developer conference a couple of months ago. These Facebook bots offer a wide range of features including hotel bookings, weather update, news, etc.

In order to catch up with the growing privacy concerns social networks and tech giants are looking forward to increase the encryption. Facebook is only just one of them, Google has recently announced Allo messaging app reads user’s messages and suggests responses thereby.

Facebook would neither confirm nor deny its plans for adding more encryption to Messenger. With both Google and Facebook, consumers will have the option to turn on the extra privacy mode for each message. What’s next? “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation,” a Facebook spokesman said.

Source: Facebook planning encrypted version of its Messenger bot

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