Future-Proof Tests: How Verizon 5G Be Faster Than Google Fiber, Could Launch In 2017

Classified that the Verizon’s 5G technology show that it can by far achieve connection download speeds 30-50 times faster than 4G/LTE – above the speeds offered by Google Fiber broadband. Verizon, one of the world’s largest mobile carriers, clearly isn’t one to rest on its laurels, as officially demonstrated by the fact that the network has already put its 5G technology through its paces with some massive results. Even better, the company expects to have “some level of commercial deployment” by 2017.


According to the reports from CNET, the early testing show that it could potentially gain optimum connection speeds faster than what is currently offered by LTE. Reported speed multipier makes impressive enough reading by itself, and when you consider that those speeds are actually more than what Google’s gigabit-wired Fiber service, it definitely starts to hit homes just how impressive the tech could be. Verizon, could come with its new 5G technology in three years ahead of its own release schedule by having “some level of commercial deployment by 2017“.

Verizon customers out there hwo are pretty anxious in anticipation; let’s not get too excited just yet. “Some level of commercial deployment” essentially means that Verizon will potentially run a trial of the technology with a very select subset of long-term, high-spending customers in certain parts of the United States. In order to go live, the technology will indeed require manufacturers to actually develop compatible smartphone and tablet devices before the 5G networks invest the time and finacial resources into making the Verizon’s tecnology a widespread offering across the mobile networks.


Next in the news that we’ll be hoping is that Verizon’s public display of commitment to the technology will jolt competing networks into investing their own resources into deployment as soon as possible. Carrier limitations aren’t the only potential stumbling block that 5G will run into; as was the case with 4G/LTE, networks will nodoubt need the government to release compatible spectrum before it can extend beyond limited testing, though as Roger Gurnani, Cheif Information Officer and Executive VC of Verizon confirms:

For technical trials themselves, we have what we need. Beyond that, 5G will require big bands of spectrum.

5G is evidently coming. It’s gonna be the faster and fastest which going to imressive you all, but the only question is that, when it will be available across the board for all consumers on all networks.

(Source: CNET)

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