Game Of Thrones S07E04 Spoils Of War Script Details Leak Online

It happens again, hackers leak Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 “Spoils of War” script just days after an HBO hack, which involved the malicious individuals being able to steal the script and other associated information about GoT and other HBO shows, meaning what appears now. Not only Winter is here, but also seems that a serious spoiler alert is on the agenda, too.

It has now been confirmed that the script, summary, and associated storyboards of season 7 episode have indeed leaked online ahead of its airing. Everything happening in no time and HBO Executives never want to walk into the office in the morning or be alerted in the middle of the night to a data breach of this nature. This is a situation that’s becoming and more accustomed to hearing about with a similar way affecting Sony a number of years ago.

In this instance, the company has jumped quick and decisive action to issue a number of immediate DCMA takedown notices to try and get as much of the leaked content offline as possible, but it appears that a short script and a homemade storyboard relating to next weeks “Spoils of War” episode can still be found with a simple bit of perspective.

Leak fortunately contains GoT info, unaired episodes of other shows, and internal docs. Additionally, the information pertaining to this particular episode leaking online, has also been confirmed that the spoilers were able to obtain thousands of HBO internal documents which could possibly include data and passwords which may be used to identify a specific individual, from at least one senior HBO exec.

Despite the takedowns, a short script, summary, and homemade video storyboard for next week’s Game of Thrones episode, Spoils of War,” turns up easily through a little Googling. The hackers claim that they extracted a full 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO. The leak appears to contain full episodes of Ballers (season 3, episodes 1-3), Barry (season 1, episodes 1-2), Room 104 (season 1, episodes 2-3), and Insecure (season 2, episode 2). Some of these episodes have already been broadcast, but some are brand new (Barry doesn’t officially air until 2018, for example).

Nevertheless, Game of Throne fans will simply not want those season spoiled by being given an early preview of what’s to come from season 7 episode 4.

HBO has done a good job of protecting its most prized possession, GoT season 7, from hackers thus far – certainly better than with season 6 – but this week is suffered a minor blow. One saving grace here from a fan perspective is that the stolen script is actually dated April 2016, which means that it was put together over twelve months ago and therefore could be potentially be slightly out of date or contain key scenes which have subsequently been alerted, or have dialogue and storyline that is changed.

For its part, HBO acknowledged on Monday that it was the victim of a hack, but the company stopped short of confirming how much or what types of data has been obtained. Also, it wasn’t just GoT which was affected, either. The hackers involved claim to have taken a whopping 1.5TB of data in total from HBO’s servers, amongst which was a number of episodes of Ballers, Room 104, and Barry which is yet to actually hit the screens in the following weekends.

Update x1: Game of Thrones (GoT) episode S07E04 torrent titled The Spoils of War leaks online onto the Internet.

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