Gogo: In-Flight Internet Provider To Bring Faster 70Mbps Speeds To 500+ Planes Next Year

It’s all about the future and cyberspace which the Federal Aviation Administration granted Gogo approval to begin rolling out technology to increase the WiFi speeds to 70MB per second. So, by next year Gogo’s next-generation in-flight internet technology for takeoff?

The Gogo team are excited to announce that they have received the final Supplimental Type Certification (STC) from the FAA required to launch 2Ku satellite connectivity service, which is the new tech currently installed on their 735-500 test plane and is now have cleared all the formalities for in-flight testing. Expected to launch commercial service of their 2Ku technology later this year.


The Gogo’s cheif technology officer, Anand Chari says, “This is a significant milestone for Gogo and a seminal event for in-flight Internet,” and “We believe this will be the best performing technology for the global commercial aviation market bar none.  Clearing this regulatory hurdle brings us one step closer to enabling our airline partners and their passengers to enjoy the future of in-flight Internet.”

Seven commercial airlines have signed up for either a trail or fleet deployement of 2Ku cpvering over more than 500 commercial aircrafts. Admitting that, they’re expected to launch commercial service later this year and officially begin rapid installation of the backlog of 500 aircraft in 2016.

Here’s what exactly you can expect from the 2Ku. Gogo is indeed planning to deliver peak speeds of more than 70 Mbps to the aircraft, which is more than 20 times the bandwidth provided by Gogo’s forst generation Air to Ground solution in the United States. More information can be had by heading towards this link here and to know more about STCs, click here.

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