Google Is Reportedly Planning To Set Up High-Speed Public WiFi Hotspots In 400 Railway Stations Across India

It’s now official, Google has announced that its new project will provide faster WiFi services in almost 400 train stations all-over India, which could be a part of Digital India and such initiative was introduced on the occassion of India Prime Minister’s visit to the United States headquarters and foremost in the campaign.


Project that will be first off go online by the end of 2016, will provide wireless (wifi) internet access to over 10 million passengers a day. For that to go live, Google is partnering Indian Railways, which will operate one of the world’s largest railway network, and RailTel – provides Hotspot services as RailWire via its extensive fiber network along several other railway lines.

Google’s Access & Energy team is reportedly planning to bring the first stations online in the upcoming months this year or earlier 2016. The service will be a free case at first while in the long run, the search giant expects it to be self-oriented that will allow for expansion to more stations and of course other train stations in India. With RailTel and other more collaborative partners will also include to bring it live.

According to the Google CEO, Pichai also noted that more than 300 million people in India are online, and with 100 million of them are using Internet connections for the first time and almost 1 billion people in India are not online and with this initiative, it’s better way to get them online.

This will rank it as the largest public Wi-Fi project in India, and among the largest in the world, by number of potential users. It will also be fast—many times faster than what most people in India have access to today, allowing travelers to stream a high definition video while they’re waiting, research their destination, or download some videos, a book or a new game for the journey ahead.

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