Google Is Testing Password-Free Logins By Replacing Accounts With Your Phone

There’s always a new way and Google is testing a new password-less authentication mechanism that could see a user’s smartphone act as a key for logging into the company’s services online.

Online security is when concerned, is a very important aspect of our digital lives, and while online banking is one abvious cause for when it comes to the havoc that could be caused by unauthorized access to an account, a user’s Google account can also cause plenty of trouble if it is compromised. With so much of our lives living on Google’s servers via its online services, anyone with access to a user’s account can find all kinds of information out. This where the deecision made by the Search giant, Google have invited a small group of users to help test a new password-free way to sign into their account, using their Android smartphone.

Point here is that the things get even worse if you’re carrying around an Android phone with its skin-tight integration with Google accounts. Means that having a secure password attatched to a Google account is a must, but while passwords with 20 characters, numbers and special characters are nice and secure, and its hard to enter when you try to log in. This where the situation that often leads some people to use insecure passwords in the name of convinience. And that’s just no good.

Google although looking for a best way to make the entering of passwords a thing of the past, with a Reddit user being invited to a testing program that aims to make it possible to sign into Google services on a computer by using an Android phone as the authentication device. How it works? That same Reddit user has posted detailed screenshot showing the new security process in action, and it looks like this. Great!

The new login process begins with the user starting to log into Google using their Gmail address, but instead of receiving a password prompt, and Android device associated with that account will be contacted and asked whether the details of login is to be authorized or not. Presumably the Android device will need to be secured itself, with either a password, PIN, or a fingerprint, and whatsoever.

When Google may activate this new password-less account login system for everyone is unknown at the far moment. What we got here to learn is that Google isn’t the only one looking to rid us of passwrds on the web.

Google also advises in the case of a lost device, you should sign into your account from another device and remove account access from the device you no longer have in your possession, which you have to note it down. In the case your phone is lost or stolen, your screen lock or Touch ID on your smartphone will protect your private data.

(source: Reddit)

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