Google Launches Free RailWire WiFi Services Inside Mumbai Central Station

Alongside Indian Railways, Railtel, Google has officially launched its free WiFi services at the Mumbai Central station, as promised. Starting today, the Mumbail railway station giving away the free wireless services to the passengers, as per Google, “The Wi-Fi will be entirely free to start and the long-term goal will be making this self-sustainable to allow for expansion to more stations and places, with RailTel and other partners, in the future.”

Google’s RailWire Wi-Fi is a free wireless service launched today in Mumbail Central station to make sure that a few people spending all day in the station downloading lots of big files will don’t slow down the network for everyone. Users may notice a drop in Internet speeds after their first hour on the network. But most of the people should be able to do things they’ll want to do online, such as songs download, app installs, Google for Work projects, Office works etc.


How to get free WiFi and what to do?

To access the internet connection with RailWire wirelessly, you first of all need connection to RailTel network from your WiFi settings. For that you’ll need to visit directly opening your mobile browser, enter your mobile number in the WiFi login page and simply request for OTP SMS. Once after receiving the 4-digit OTP code, enter it in the login screen and press ‘Done’. You will then see a checkmark and that’s it, completed.

The Mumbai Central station gets Google’s free RailWire WiFi network service, and the search giant keen to provide it for 100 more stations across India by the end of 2016. Connecting more than 10 million people who pass through every day. Next to be received by RAILWAYS in Allahabad, Patna, Jaipur and Ranchi, where you will have full and free WiFi access.

Chairman and Managing Director of Railtel Shri R. K. Bahuguna of Railtel said:

Our intent was to fulfill Indian Railway’s vision of providing Railway passengers access to high speed Internet through our Optical fiber communication network. Affordable smartphones have made it possible for the common men to experience the power of Internet. With our partnership with Google, we are very confident of rolling out a robust, scalable service at Railway stations in the near future.

Rajan Anandan, VP & Managing Director, Google South East Asia and India said:

We’re delighted to launch India’s first high speed public Wi-Fi service in partnership with Indian Railways. Bringing affordable Internet access to millions of people is an important part of making the Internet both easily accessible and useful for more than 300 million Indians who are already online, and the nearly one billion more who are not. By end of this year over 10 million people will be able to enjoy this experience at 100 stations spread across the country. I would like to thank the Indian Railways for their support and vision to provide a world class high speed public Wi-Fi network at the stations.

Gulzar Azad, Head of Access Project, Google India, said:

We’ve focussed on delivering a network that is at par with the high speed public Wi-Fi network that is available to users in developed countries. The network is built for wide coverage and high capacity usage unlike a typical Wi-Fi hotspot which offers connectivity in limited area and poor experience. This network will extend to cover both long distance train station and the local train station in Mumbai Central. The next four stations we’ll bring online will be Allahabad, Patna, Jaipur and Ranchi and others will follow very shortly. said, Gulzar Azad, Head of Access Project, Google India.

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