Google Maps App Gets Updated With New ‘Travel Times’ Widget For iOS

Bringing all of Apple’s own mapping service with the release of iOS 6, didn’t stopped Google Maps from being one of the most popular apps on the iOS App Store. To grab the current space from the zone, the Alphabet-owned company continually updating the iOS version of Google Maps with new and innovative functionality. Taking the latest update, which is available right now on the App Store, Google Maps for iOS updated to version 4.18.0, and brings additional user preference settings as well as a brand new Travel Times Today extension that can be accessed through the Notification Center.

Google has rapidly turned its Maps app into an absolute monster of a mapping and navigational solution to those that covers everyday traveler needs, and is pretty much he go-to-app for maps across a range of devices, including iPhones and iPads. Google Maps by far being recognizable from the app experience that used to ship as stock offering within iOS before Apple moved across to its own vector-based Apple Maps. Latest version of Google Maps to iOS, at least introduced the excellent Travel Times Today extension.


This update’s integration of a new iOS extension allows majority users to instantly check local traffic on their route to/from a saved home address or work. The main functionality within this extension is fairly limited, and is claerly governed by what is and what isn’t allowed with this type of technology in Apple’s Developer Guidlines, but nevertheless, most definitely a useful tool in the arsenal of the frequent Google Maps app users who treats the app a lot consiously when commuting to or from work/home.

Use the Travel Times Today Extension to quickly check traffic on the way to home and/or work (requires home/work to be saved).
Easily share directions with your contacts.
Night mode and distance units settings in navigation.

Additionally Navigation Settings Google added to its new Maps includes a much useful Night mode. There’s also extra ability to share directions with any of your favorite contacts. Finally, the latest update also includes the obligatory bug fixes and general under-the-hood improvements to the underlying codebase to try out and make the whole maps experience a lot better and stable for the end-user regardingly.


Google Maps may no longer ship as a defualt installation on the iPhone or else the whole iOS ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious contender to the Apple Maps throne within its platform. The latest update may not seem like an instant home-run until you test it out for yourself, but it’s been requent updates like these that potentially have taken the software to where it is today.

(Download: Google Maps for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

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