Google Maps iOS App Gaining New ‘Pit Stop’ Feature

Announced that an incoming update to its Google Maps for iOS will let users add pit stops onto their trips without leaving the navigation mode. First introduced by Google to its Android Maps app last fall, and the search giant said that the pit stop Maps feature will be available in any country where Google Maps navigation is offered, which counts to “more than 100 worldwide”.

Brings Offline Navigation and Search

How does it works with iOS?

From the navigation mode, users of iOS will just need to tap the magnifying glass located in the top-right corner of Google Maps to see whether a drop down menu of potential pit stops to add to a trip available or not. While the menu offers a few automatic options such as restuarants and coffee shops for example, but a search field also gives users a more robust option for specifically finding their desired pit stop.

Like Android’s Google Maps, the functionality on iOS  details both the public rating of the pit stop and the amount of time the detour will add onto a trip, far, letting users select the best-rated and quickest pit stop beforehand. Prior to this update, Google Maps iOS users would have to manually discover and find out a potential pit stop, navigating to the location, and when all set ready to leave, will need to re-start their original route navigation.

New update to Google Maps download links for iOS will see its worldwide rollout starting today. Directly!

(Download: Google Maps for iOS from iTunes App Store)

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