Google’s Free RailWire Wi-Fi Now Reaches 19 Stations Serving Over 1.5 Million Indians

Google partnering with India’s PM Narendra Modi during his visit last year has played a big role in his ambitious Digital India project. As part of this initiative, Google in collaboration with the Indian Railways tied up with RailTel and launched an high-speed Wi-Fi connection over 400 railway stations across India. First was Mumbai to get the service, called RailWire earlier this year.

Google has revealed that over 1.5 million Indians have used its free Wi-Fi service until now. Also gave a glimpse at the usage patterns of Wi-Fi users across 19 railway stations where the service is currently active and available. Launched its free WiFi in four of India’s largest stations including – Sealdah, Lucknow Jn, Lucknow and Gorakhpur Jn.


Google’s RailWire is now available across 19 stations in India, with over 100,000 users connected to its network at Mumbai Central within a week of its debut, which was broken by Bhumaneshwar within a day of its launch. In May, it was also been made available in Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), Kachiguda (Telangana) & Raipur (Chhattisgarh) last month.

The search giant also says that there is a high percentage of usage in tier two cities like Patna, Jaipur and Vishakhapatnam among others. The average consumption per user on the network is 15 times the data they would consume on a 3G pack in a day. However, it was said that 10 stations will get a free WiFi network by the end of this year, connecting more than 10 million consumers who pass through every day. While the company recently announced that it also plans to introduce the service at Mumbai’s local train stations, and set to launch its free Wi-Fi service at 100 railway stations and over 400 stations in the next couple of years.


Regarding the expansion of RailWire project, Google India said:

With this project, our objective is to create abundant broadband access to millions of Indians who’re currently not online or are using it in limited capacity to significantly enhance the benefits and productivity of the Internet. While we’re only at approximately 20% of the roll out schedule for this year, the response has been phenomenal.

For now, this is it! we will be sharing Google’s future plans on its RailWire Wi-Fi service in India very soon.

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