HBO Releases Full Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer, Watch It Here [Video]

Honor to see the full trailer of Game of Thrones dropping today, where TV doesn’t get much bigger than Game of Thrones these days, with each new episode greeted with much glee by fans of both the franchise and the art books that is based upon. Already we are up to the sixth season of the TV show, with the first session set to air in less than two months from now. Neverthelessly, we are starting to get into that magical episode of time where you just can’t escape Game of Thrones. Thanks to HBO today for releasing its respected trailor for the new period.

Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen has seen better days, at least in recent seasons

This trailer comes after a new shorter teaser, which had already been released in order to whip fans into a frenzy, isn’t quite as adult-themed as the previous seasons are, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to have everyone in your home or office watching over your shoulder when you’re catching up on it.

Predictably, there’s nothing being given away as to exactly what we can expect in the upcoming season. For the content of the trailer itself, has the White Walker king if you’re eagle eyed, and Bran makes an appearance as well but again, you’ll need to be playing attention if you don’t want to miss him, then.

Bran doesn’t seem too happy to see Game of Thrones’ version of  evil Santa here

Set to kick off on HBO on April 24th. Time is ticking down towards the big Game of Thrones Season 6 day that will boubtless be almost impossible to avoid as the launch date timeframe draws ever nearer. Right now there’s little as big about Game of Thrones, even after five full seasons the interest shows no sign of relent.

Trending with the news for today had you fill with Game of Thrones, which you might want to check out the larger collection of official photos from the upcoming season that HBO released last month.

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