HERE Maps Drops Support For Windows Phone And Windows 10

HERE Maps has finally revealed its plans to stop supporting Windows Phone and Windows 10 yesterday, leaving existing users with Microsoft’s own Windows maps app. HERE, the mapping arm of Nokia which Microsoft didn’t buy when it acquired the Finnish manufacturer at that time and now. Announced that it is taking down its HERE Maps app from the Windows 10 Store permanently. No more maps app available on Windows Store by March 29th.


As the primary mapping service, Here Maps for Windows Phone and Windows 10 support coming to an end this month. Thankfully, Microsoft appears to be ready to optimize its own maps situation now. The company is however pulling its apps from Windows 10’s app store on March 29, but the workaround that kept its apps running will stop working after June 30. HERE Maps will be completely removed by the given date, and for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 users it will continue to work, and that too won’t get more than “critical bug fixes” from now on.

HERE says that it didn’t have much of choice and if they wanted to continue supporting Windows 10 without that integration, it had to rewrite its apps “from the ground up”. Although the whole Windows smartphone platform has just 1.1% of the market, if you believe estimates, made HERE to stop supporting though.

No worry, since you all Windows users can simply use the built-in Maps app on Windows 10 to get at least some of the Here Maps experience, as a verified Microsoft employee identified as Dave_MSFT reveals that the Redmond-based software maker has an “existing update” tickling around, planned for the Windows 10 maps app.

The upcoming update will include an improved driving mode, which is one part of Microsoft’s maps app that falls behind the HERE version. First plnas to release it to Windows 10 testers, before rolling out to existing devices. It’s clear the company is listening to how it can improve its maps experience now that HERE is disappearing.

Future for HERE Maps navigation, to get it you’ll need to use Microsoft’s native apps to experience the real reiteration of mapping.

Here said in a blog post,

Although the essence of the HERE apps lives on in the Windows Maps app, we are removing the HERE branded apps from the Windows 10 store on March 29, 2016 and will limit the development of the apps for Windows Phone 8 to critical bug fixes.

About HERE now! Focusing purely on bringing new features and updates to its Maps apps on iOS and Android development.

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