Netflix Lets You Now Download Videos For Offline Playback, How To Do So [Guide]

Here’s step-by-step guide on how to download Netflix movies and TV shows in HD for offline playback and viewing. Netflix is now finally allowing users to download videos for the given fact of offline viewing and playback.

Follow the terms and conditions before you go download TV shows and movies directly from Netflix now. When companies like Netflix take the opportunity to update their native mobile apps with new features, it is somewhat existing and frustrating time. Exciting, because there could e new and sought after features to interact with. Frustrating, for some individuals it isn’t always evident how to actually use those new inclusions.

Talking about the world’s largest subscription streaming service has long defended its decision to not actually allow downloading of any content for offline usage, has now appears to have somewhat changed its direction and opinion, tweeting that “your favorite stories are now available for download any time“.

After months of rumors, Netflix finally added offline viewing to its streaming service. According to Netflix, “many favorite streaming series and movies are already available for download.” The official announcement, initially made via Netflix US Twitter account, provide any intricate details about the functionality, nor it does it actually provide any details on what territories will be able to benefit from this new feature addition. But from a research, it seems like the feature is live now in most regions Netflix is available in today.

Now that Netflix allowing people’s wish list download to be watched offline. Get your favorite movies and shows without Internet. The new functionality suggest that Netflix subscribers (on all plans) will find themselves able to still consume amazing and immersive content in the absence of an active wireless or cellular data connection with this new feature.

Netflix highlights just when and in which situations this new feature could be useful. It said “Airplane mode. Road trip mode. Stuck-in-the-subway-for-20-minutes mode. Your favorite stories are now available for download any time.” With that said, it doesn’t even appear that downloads functionality is available for entire Netflix catalog, at least not yet, with from what we have considered, there’s a dedicated section on Netflix called “Available for Download” which shows exactly what content is available to download at a given time.

Very soon the list will be continuously updated with more content being available for offline playback as time goeson.

By the way the ability to download movies and TV shows in Netflix is current only available with iOS and Android devices, both on smartphone and tablets, with support for other devices, like set-top boxes, likely arriving at a later date.

Make sure you grab the latest version of the app from App Store and Google Play to make use of this new functionality.

Better way to get downloading the Netflix content is pretty straight forward, not everyone is able to figure out exactly how to go about using this newly rolling feature. Instructions here can help you on exactly how to go about using this feature.


  • This feature is currently only available on iOS and Android version of Netflix.
  • Not all of content on Netflix can be downloaded for offline playback.

Step 1: First and foremost, you’re going to need to launch the updated Netflix app in order to get full access to this new feature. When the app has launched, tap on the hamburger menu icon on the top left, and from the resulting menu, tap on the Available for Download option. That will take you to all of the content that is currently available to download from Netflix. Furthermore, it will be changed continuously with new movies and shows being added to download, so keep checking it for updated list.

Step 2: Now with all downloadable content being displayed, should see it’s segregated into sections such as Recently Added and Because you watched. The content is however be varying from market-to-market, so don’t be confused if any acquaintance in a different country has different available content to you.  Tap on the TV show or movie that you really wanted to download and proceed with.

Step 3: Normal behavior resumes here as Netflix then immediately pushes you into the dedicated feature page for the selected content. Looks almost identical to what it previously did, save for the addition of a ‘download’ icon under the description of the media or next to the “Episodes” list.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘download’ icon to proceed. You’ll instantly notice that a new blue progress bar appears at the bottom of the interface that shows the content being downloaded. You might even tap into that to originally view the downloads section of everything that you’ve literally downloaded thus far. Why not, there’s still an option to cancel downloads as well if necessary.

Step 5: When the video has downloaded, and is available to play directly from your device, you’ll get a small little phone icon on the right-hand side of the cell that has a check mark in the middle of it. Download complete.

Depending on your WiFi Internet or cellular data speed, or how much storage space your actually have available on your device, you may want to play around with the quality of the downloaded video to suit your needs.

To check that out, head back to hamburger menu again, tap on App Settings, here you’ll see a new Downloads section. This section allows you to stipulate whether or not you want to only be able to download content on a WiFi network, or cellular and WiFi. It also allows you to decide if you want to download Standard or Higher quality content, by heading into Video Quality and then changing it to your desired quality.

That’s it. Enjoy offline playback on Netflix!

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