How To Get Unlimited Free VPN On Google Chrome Web Browser

In the latest development of its web browser for Windows and OS X, Opera has already backed in free VPN service (Virtual Private Networking). Keeping an eye on your online activity and data private may be a big thing, and perhaps with good reason. You don’t need to do anything illegal to want to hide it online these days, and with companies like Google, Opera, Firefox and Safari seemingly determined to track our every move online, keeping as much data encrypted as possible is one way to keep control.

VPNs are great internet things that allows users to route their traffic through third-party servers in order to mask their actual IP addresses and increase privacy. Services like VPN also let users access region-blocked content, and are very-popular amongst Netfix subscrbers outside the United States, for example. Virtual Private Networks are great ways to stop outsiders from observing an internet connection and what it is being used for as VPNs fully encrypts the internet traffic from your device.

Users of Google Chrome has here a good news, there are ways and means of getting VPN configure for free and with no usage limitations, right from within Chrome web browser. The process is however made simple as well, because it just needs a few clicks and that’s it, you’re all done perfectly.

The VPN connection consits of just one step really, and that involves installing Betternet’s Chrome extension or any other alternative service’s extension. Things couldn’t really be any easier. Currently, this is a great feature for Opera users and once it’s released in a public Opera build, it might even attract some new users. Nevertheless, you can now get unlimited free VPN service in the Chrome browser, and here’s how to obtain is explained.

First you may be wondering how Betternet can offer a free, unlimited VPN service, but it turns out it’s all about board. Betternet offers a premium service alongside its free offering and makes money from its mobile apps too. In fact, it only needs to save money and earn to cover its costs, so the Betternet company isn’t cashing profits. That alone is great news and should mean that Betternet will be around for quite a while yet.

Whether or not you want to guard your browsing with a VPN service all the time, there’s still an easy way to add unlimited free VPN capabilities to Chrome. Alternatively, there are few best services that offer free VPN using a couple of different models, and the service sits on top is Betternet. If you have even the smallest worry about keeping your internet traffic safe from prying eyes, or if you want to access a US or UK-only service such as Hulu or BBC iPlayer from outside US or UK, the Betternet Chrome extension would be free to go to start from.

You can download the said extension to Chrome either directly from the Chrome Web Store, or from Simply visit this link from your Chrome browser and install Betternet’s Chrome extension. You’re one, and don’t even have to register an account.

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