iOS 10 Concept Imagines New Features For iPhone: Apple Music, Touch Control Center And More

Apple has been expanding its iOS platform significantly over the years when it comes to the usability and sleekness of its mobile operating system, but the most designers ould go wisely listen to criticismom Fans. With iOS 9 firmware, Apple has almost brought everything to the platform, which includes Control Center, Force Touch, Siri and the latest version of iOS 9.3.1 firmware also added the support for Night Shift mode and much more. It was the iOS 9.x, now moving towards the introduction of iOS 10 IPSW and its upcoming features to glare on.


In a new video, YouTube user Ralph Theodory has indeed taken a stab at his own iOS 10 conecptual design, which undoubtedly shows it quite a big improvenent over the previous iOS 9. There’s no denying that the designer implemented into his concept, detailing every single change in iOS 10, definitely worth discussing.

First and foremost, the maker of this concept of iOS 10 has not shown the Smart Info Cam at the begenning of this video, which is of course a big thing. In fact that you need to download seperate apps to do something the camera should be able to do on its own is patently silly.

The best parts of these concepts are when the designer make something look just accurate as simple to implement as the average user would expect. For instance, you will find no option to remove the system apps that we never use. Add a seperate screen in the and always be able to restore them if we decided we needed them back sometime the line.


To find out how hard it would be for iPhone and iPad users with the user interface of Apple Music, which could be the only pleasant first-party experiences on iOS, but the proposed quick reach menu could work wonders. Made some alterations to iPhone here. The whole second-half of the iOS 10 concept video relatively focused on iPad, with suggestions to improve multi-tasking, create new virtual buttons in Control Center etc.

Want to learn more from this iOS 10 concept? What the full video below:

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