This iPhone 8 Box’s Documentation Leak Confirms Final Design Of Apple’s Next Flagship

Not all iPhone 8 rumors have to be believed, just because it’s July and are getting closer to Apple’s fall iPhone launch event. Today we have something like that in here, and the latest comes apparently via a Foxconn leak.

Leaks relating to any smartphone, that too when you are dealing with Apple’s next flagship – the iPhone 8, we should be very much anticipated and leakers play their phase in this arena. Something like this new leak, which is one which actually shows us the iPhone 8 itself in its full glory though, or even a part that will be used inside it.

iOS 11 running iPhone 8 leak

Everything you see here are not legit, but what we do see right now is a sheet which is said to be part of the documentation that will ship in the iPhone 8’s box, showing users how to insert their SIM card into their new phone.

If you own an iPhone, or have any other phone then you will know that most come with a slip or paper showing new owners where they should get started with and “insert their SIM card”. That piece of paper has apparently been leaked on a Chinese social networking site, does look very similar, it not identical to the same slip which iPhone 7 owners receive although, but the image on the paper shows what we have come to know as the iPhone 8.

Importantly, that image all but confirms this is the Apple’s next flagship with almost bezel-free display on iPhone 8 with an area at the top dubbled “notch” reversed for the FaceTime camera and various sensors.

What exactly we came to know is that, no way of knowing whether this leak is legitimate or not, and it is likely that we’ll only know of sure once people receive the new phone and begin to go unbox them after Apple’s official unveil. Another thing is that this is one leak that would be exceptionally easy to fake if someone really did want to, so we are going to hold off on our judgement here. Is it real? Quite possibly, but as far as leaks go this is definitely one of those we will feed much more confident about once launch time rolls around.

Having said that, this leak does match all of the previous rumors and leaks regarding final iPhone 8 design so there’s some doubt that this isn’t anything be a real deal here.

The iPhone 8 is all but expected to be announced by Apple during a September event, with new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus devices also believed to be on the roster now.

(via: Benjamin Geskin [Twitter])

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