Kodi Users Beware: TVAddons.ag Repo Now Poses Security Risk

Kodi users, do you have TVAddons.ag repo still installed? If so, you may want to remove it as it poses security risk now. As Kodi security risk emerges after TVAddons being shutdown. Here are the details on it.

Actually, three domains previously operated by defunct Kodi addons site TVAddons have been transferred to a law in Canada. With no explanation forthcoming, so the security implications cannot be ignored. All the furor regarding the perfectly legal Kodi media center software and the not-so-legal uses for it has been almost impossible to avoid over the past few months, with many prominent Kodi add-on creators being taken to task over their work and what it is used for.

According to Kodi Project Manager Nathan Retzen, a third-party in control of these domains which could potentially do whatever they wanted to vulnerable former TVAddons users. So much illegal content available via those add-ons, including live sports games that would normally command a subscription or one-time fee, it was only a matter of time before the authorities went after them.

With all things happening now, a new security risk has surfaced after it was found that one prominent add-on’s web domain is now owned by a Canadian Law firm. Controversial third-party add-ons provide access to infringing content that have thrust Kodi into the mainstream and the product is now a household name. Here’s everything on: Why Kodi Box Won’t Update, Here’s The Reason And Everything In Detail

Formally known as XBMC, the popularity of the entirely legal Kodi media player has scored in recent times. Until recently, TVAddons.ag was the leading repository for these addons. The popular TVAddons is in the middle of being sued via a court of Texas, and as part of that process it has become apparent that TVAddons’ domains. TVAddons.ag and Offshoregit.com, are now owned by a Canadian law firm.

This was initially a nuisance to the millions of Kodi devices that relied on TVAddons for their add-ons and updates. With the site gone now, none were forthcoming. The potential is almost certainly here for the law firm, or anyone else who may buy the domains in the future, to use them in a variety of nefarious ways. With countless Kodi boxes likely still trying to connect to those domains in an attempt to download updates for add-ons, someone with control over them could use those boxes as a dedicated botnet for example, if they were to install the correct software onto them.

However, the scene recovered relatively quickly and for users who know what they’re doing, add-ons are now available from elsewhere. What’s unusual enough is, there’s a biggest issue at play here for millions of former TVAddons users who haven’t yet wiped their devices or upgraded them to work with other repositories. TVAddons, who have effectively disappeared, made no comment. A kodi box is used to view, effectively giving an insight into any illegal activity that may be going on.

In reality of course, it is most likely that the domains and control of them have been passed over to the firm as part of the ongoing legal process in Texas. What’s still recommended is, removing TVAddons.ag repository while you still can (provided you it installed in the first place) just to be on the safe side!

Finally, there’s a possibility that TVAddons may be considering some kind of comback. Earlier this week a new domain – TVAddons.co – was freshly registered, just after the old domains shifted to the law firm. Currently, at this stage, however, nothing is known about the site’s plan. Stay tuned for more!

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