Meet Brillo, Google’s lightweight OS Made By Android Team For Internet of Things [Unannounced]

The new mobile OS which we’re speaking about is in development and Google is tipped to present yet another new operating system for IoT. Codenamed Brillo, purely be based on Android and which could be a lightweight, faster and for the Internet of Things. Google looks like gearing up into smart homes with an OS for all your low-end gadgets. With the introduction of Brillo OS, it will be indeed incrimental beta build. Details on the next new Google Android IoT OS can be grabbed right after this fold.

This Information is back just ahead of Google I/O 2015, and the outlet claims that the search giant is developing another OS, and that too for low-power IoT devices. Publication also suggests that Google “is likely to release the software under the Android brand, as the group developing the software is linked to the company’s Android unit. “We’re going to take that to meanit’s based on Android.”

What is Brillo? How does it works with devices? It will be aimed at ultra low-power devices with as little as 64MB or 32MB of RAM. Uses smart home technology like connected light bulbs, door locks, sensors, and whatever electronic devices that are other crazy connected objects which the IoT crowd dreams up on Kickstarter, Google really brooms the opportunity.

Release of the Brillo OS will be under the Android brand. Currently, the Android OS for mobile devices works at least 512MB of RAM. Now that a new one is arriving, which han handle as low as 32-64MB RAM powered phones. Such devices need to boot up, use an SoC, handle input and output, and communicate over a network—all things the Linux-based Android OS would be great. However, the hardware vendors themselves right up to create the iIoT operating system, and with this move from Google could perhaps clean up the fragmented mess by offering Brillo for free to OEMs.

Google has already made a collaboration with Nest, Dropcam, and Revolv, a smart home hub manufacturer, and now it looks like its get heating up. The Android Team is apparently leading the development, though – not Nest, the Google unit most specifically attached to smart homes, making us look at how much input Nest is providing.

Reports say that Google will talk more about Brillo at I/O next week and we’ll witness to see Android, Wear, Android TV, Android Auto, Android Pay and of course the newly headed Brillo for Android Home “Internet of Things”. Stay tuned!

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