Meet YouTube Red: Google Announnces The Ultimate YouTube Experience With Subscription Service

Google just announced a paid ad-free subscription service called YouTube Red, which costs $9.99 per month that provides unlimited YouTube videos on Android, desktop and the mobile Web, and for paying $12.99 per month on iOS due to Apple’s in-app purchase tax. The membership also includes several other benefits, which are here for you who need to know.

First comes to your voice is anyone asks you about which one is the best video streaming service online, YouTube is very likely to be the foremost word from anyone’s lips. Ever sincxe its inception and subsiquent bauyout by Google, YouTube has fixed its position as the premire place to go for quality – and of course, video content for free whether you are using a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

Historically supported by commercials, YouTube has allowed owners of channels to monetize their content share using the age-old model of slapping video commercials at the begenning of content. Advertisements that made millions of users rediculous, often not, these commercials range from surprisingly cool to downright obnoxious. If one there was a way to pay for the content directly without having to endure them.

With todays announcement, Google gave people what they want – a YouTube subscription service called YouTube Red. Essentially an all-you-can-eat subscription the likes of which we’re all very familiar with at this point.

YouTube Red allows video watchers to pay $9.99 per month and watch any content they like, free of commercials. It’s like an ad-free subscription service but there’s more to dig and drill.


As part of this subscription, YouTube Red buyers will also be able to download videos for offline playback, as well as play videos inthe background, perfectly for those who really like to inexplicably use YouTube as a sort of musical jukebox or a online movie streaming service. No longer will you music stop playing when you quit the YuTube app to check twitter.

In early 2016, the subscription service of YouTube Red will also take on Netflix by introducing member-only access to Original series and movies by some of YouTube’s most popular creators. The service works across all devices and anywhere you can sign into YouTube, including its new Gaming and Family apps.

Speaking of music, YouTube Red subscribers will also get access to Google Play Music All Access, which usually costs $9.99 itself, which actually makes the whole thing quite the bargain. Those carrying iOS gadgets will need to pay a bit more than others per month, rather than $9.99.


Google wants to give its own Android platform an advantage. YouTube Red goes live on Wednesday October 28th and will be available as part of a 30-day free trial within the US for those not quite sold on the idea just yet.

Actually, “a free 14-day trial will be available in the U.S., which can be extended to 30 days with a credit card.” Google also announced YouTube Music, an all-new app for discovering, watching and listening to music videos. The app is coming soon in the U.S., followed by additional countries in 2016.


YouTube will be offering some exclusive content to YouTube Red subscribers starting 2016. YouTube Red members gain additional features such as no ads and other background and offline member benefits, coming from some of the biggest names on YouTube, such as PewDiePie

What do you think about this? Would YouTube Red’s unlimited access to both streaming music, videos and more makes it an attractive competitor alongside rivals like Apple Music and Spotify. As watchers of YouTube content, though, $10 a month seems reasonable to us. What’s your answer, then?

(Source: Google)

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