Netflix Offline Viewing Download Mode For TV Shows, Movies Coming By Year’s End


The release date timeline of Netflix offline viewing download mode for TV shows and Movies has reportedly been surfaced today, which by the way has been rumored for a while now, though the company has made no official announcement regarding the said feature.

Several online video streaming services options out there including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more is a surprisingly complex one. The first of that list however, Netflix, is arguably the biggest of them all in terms of market share, and is probably the first name that springs to mind when the idea of streaming video crops up in conversations.

New report suggests one aspect in which Netflix has lagged behind the competition, and that is offline viewing of content. While Netflix is by far been at the forefront of streaming video across the internet for a number of years now.

The likes of Amazon already allows for content to be downloaded and then watched back without the need of an internet connection, Netflix has blocked at the idea. Airplane journeys are perhaps the most obvious use case for offline video, and while there are other alternative situations in which streaming content may not be viable, Netflix has long declined to allow its users to download anything for playback offline.

Netflix has long maintained a strict policy against offline viewing and even its rivals introduced the feature in their products. That may be about to change, however, with new reports claiming Netflix is working on a new offline viewing feature that could be ready before the end of the year, and that this is “something of an open secret in the king of online streaming video community.”

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has, in the past, claimed that offline playback of content was a non-starter for Netflix, but with huge competition behind managed it just fine and users clearly wanting to take advantage of it, the suggestion that Netflix is happy to be the odd one out amongst the competition simply does not make any sense. If offline playback is coming soon, then we fully expect it to be across Netflix’s own collection of original content options initially, with third-party movies and TV shows coming at a later date.

Netflix offline viewing
It all depends on Netflix arguable decision. Time will tell, though, we don’t even know with 100% certainly that offline playback is on its way to Netflix. If it comes true, then, it sure does make plenty of sense.

What do you say about Netflix offline viewing of content?

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