Netflix VPN Blocking Indeed Begins With Australian uFlix Users

Here by now you all know how to watch Netflix, Hulu, and others through a VPN. For services like Netflix, VPN blocking and detecting would be pretty simple and it did so. Australian VPN company reportedly states that Netflix has started blocking its IP sdreeses and the move was alraedy in talks.


Literally Netflix is a household brand now, with the streaming service known by many users and fans and of course non-fans alike. Following the annuncement that the streaming giant would be stopping users go VPN process made a statement of proactively blocking proxy services, the team at Netflix switched the right button to finally begin clamping down on those VPN services.

Netflix, is one of the most extremely successful streaming subscription service welcomed in 2016 by rolling out its huge expansion project that saw its services offered to an additional 130 countries, which indeed brings the number to an amazing total countries to 190. Netflix services spread to a wide array of regions now, and the streamer has decided that there was no need for the intuitive to be accessed using VPN or proxy services anymore, thus, should be blocked. Companies who actually provide such services which allow geo-location spoofing remains undeterred, as Netflix begins blocking VPN and proxy services.

Speaking about Netflix, typically has served varying content to subscribers of the service purely based on their location in the world. For instance, you live in United Kingdom, are able to access a different library than those consumers who access Netflix from the United States or Mexico. Tech-foxy customers have previously utilized the services of VPN services that offer geo-location sham to bypass that restriction and access content intended for foreign markets.

It was been reported that Melbourne based service uFlix customer has already received notifications from Netflix asking them to disable their unblocking services. uFlix configures a users’ DNS settings and IP address to triffle the system and trick Netflix into thinking that Australian customer is from a different location. Netflix seems to be taking exception to that by notifying the users that they “seem to be using an unblocked or proxy. Plese turn off any these services and try again.”

With that said, the company has also provided its own investigation into the issue and stated that the error message from Netflix that blocks access to the service has finally reached a few of its customers. Highly likely that the number of affected uFlix customers will significantly grow in the coming days and weeks. By the way it also serves as a warning to VPN users around the globe that Netflix is definitely staying ture to its word and intenstions. Be careful!

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