Now That YouTube Has An 8K Video Resolution Which Almost No One Can Watch

Forget 4K with 60 frame-per-second resolution playbacks, why? Beacuse here’s something that YouTube now supports 8K video on its streaming site. Actually the world of high defdinition video is always changing, but with 1080p video, the current standard as far as Blue-ray and most video uploading services are concerned. Battle is being however fought by 4K video, and while televisions nowadays available offering such a high resolution – some comes even curved and feature OLED displays – 4K video is still some way off being the norm for the vast majority of people. Now that YouTube has a video in 8K resolution, which has been offering uploads for as long as five years, with 2010 being the year that 8K uploads became possible on the video streaming website. Just recently did a clip surface that evidently uses all of those lines of resolution. And that waht we are going to discuss right away.


According to YouTube, it has been offering uploads of 8K reslution videos for almost five years now on its video streaming. Google says that it started badging content as 8K earlier this year, and while content isn’t exactly widespread, but one video in particular is a good example of what 8K video is capable of, assuming you can even watch the thing. Video is a Neumann Films’ short, filmed on the RED Epic Dragon 6K camera.

Moving 8K, or 4320p-worth of pixels around a computer screen is not something for the faint of heart, you’ll nevertheless need a monitor that is capable of showing you all those great pixels but you’ll also require a computer that is compatible to running it as well. You won’t be going to be streaming much 8K video over that old dial-up modem either, so before seeing it, make sure have got enough bandwidth going spare before even starting to try this.

The result though is indeed stunning as predicted. Currently, we are not sure whether 8K, or even 4K video is strictly ready for primetime on everyone’s TV screens but when 8K does take over the land, it’s gonna look lovely as it does it.

The video description notes that Ghost Towns was shot using 6K camera in potrait orientation and to hit the higher 8K resolution, and some of the footage was upscaled or stitched together with Adobe’s After Effects suite. Those who can should be happy to know it apparently runs in Chrome and Safari.

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