Popular Popcorn Time Chaos Leads To Shutdown

The ‘Netflix for Pirates’ follows a nightmare week for torrent-based movie and TV streaming service Popcorn Time. Not quitely, but after a number of the core development team had decided to leave the project due to the threat of possible legal action, additional problems started to occur with the application’s domain name, which has indeed resulted in the main Popcorn Time fork being burned offline permanently and being entirely inaccessible to anyone wanting to use the Web service.


Popcorn Time is one of the best alternative for movie streaming and to search movies near me is another inclusion that played its part from the past till now. The majority of the issues started appearing at the beginning of last week when some members of the core development team behind the service took the decision to walk away from the project under the threat of serious legal action. Those developers happened to be the individaul responsible for controlling the popcorntime.io domain name, and while the rest of the team was trying to keep the service running, other nonsense kep coming up.

This weekend we have witnessed the better way to stream pirated movies and TV shows from the web with the launch of Browser Popcorn, a new version of Popcorn Time built for the web.

What happened then for it to shut down? Actually, the plan was to transfer the highly important domain name to one of the remaining Popcorn Time developers who has business links to the current owner, but for one or another reason the host isn’t playing game.

Heading over to the cached image of popcorntime.io shows this message:

In the last few days someone has been tempering with our infrastructure, mainly our DNS service and we can’t convince our provider https://gandi.net that we are us and want to stay online. We’re doing our best to maintain the service but today we can’t give any timeline of things getting better. Please hang on, we’re working day and night to get this sorted out.


A number of initial issues that cropped up during the week appeared to have been resolved, Gandi has subsequently refused to transfer the domian name, once again the result was similar, popcorntime.io gone offline. Now, due to the massive escalation of issues, popcorntime.io developer Wally has taken the decision to close the main fork’s servers and infrastructure, which ultimately resulted in the demise of the most widely-used Popcorn Time variant. Oulining his position on this development, Wally had this to say:

I shutdown all the servers, there is nothing I can do anymore. I deleted any logs that can be harmful for any other dev.

No worry a number of variants of the service are still up and running, but with the most popular version all burnt out, then in all likehood the smaller offerings may follow sooner rather than later.

(Via: TorrentFreak)

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