Reliance Jio Goes Live: 4G Service Rolled Out To Employees At Launch Event

Announced the launch of the much-anticipated 4G LTE services for Reliance employees in navi Mumbai, marked the re-entry of Mukesh Ambani in the mobile service business. Commercial roll out of Relianace Jio will be honored in 2016 with 4G services now being a part of its employees. It offers a combination of telecom, high-speed 4G internet data, digital commerce, media and payment services. Mukesh Ambani at the event said, “On the 83rd birth anniversary of our founder, I wish to offer you Jio services from tomorrow.” Further added that tis was the first time in the history of corporate India that such an employee-first initiative happened at this scale.

Finally, on the eve of Reliance founder and Chairman Dhirubhai Amabani’s eithy third birt anniversary, Telecom arm of RIL, Reliance Jio – today launched 4G services for its employees under Jio brand name.

I want all of you to take 5 things back: digital life, connected intelligence, Jio life, Jio together and Why Jio? Because life is going digital. Le me now welcome Jio,” Reliance Industries Limited Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani said at the event.

Commecrcially, the rollout of the Jio 4G services will begin from March-April next year. The launch event was held at Relianace Corporate Park, while RIL’s other employees were virtually connected at around 1000 locations including Dallas in the United States.

The event started with Mukesh’s children Akash Amabani and Isha Ambani anchoring the show at start the event. Kokilaben lit the lamps and she was joined by Mukesh and his wife Nita Ambani, Akash, Anant and Isha on the dais. Nita Ambani said, “Today is a proud day for any mother to see her children take flight. We will use Jio to deliver health and education across the country. It will break the rural-urban divide. Jio is not just 4G, it is an ecosystem that will prepare the future generation for the world.”

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, who will be brand ambassador of, Reliance Jio 4G services performed at the function with songs including the his ‘Gerua‘ song from his latest movie Dilwale. The most popular ‘Jai Ho’ song performed by A.R Rehman alsongside a track from Swedesh. The whole live-cast of the event is said to have been connected with Jio’s own digital network to demonstrate capabilities of the network for enterprises and corporates in India specifically targeting larger distribution companies, the source said.

Reliance Jio holds the biggest chunk of liberalised spectrum among telecom operators and that can be used for deploying any technology for mobile services. Video presentation showed features of Jio’s optical fiber service promising video calling, that using smart television sets, Internet speeds of up to 1GB per second.

The Reliance Jio TV service will accept voice commands to change channels and subscriber will not require remote control for that. As per the brokerage firm Credit Suisse, download speed on 4G network of Reliance Jio during beta-test peaked at 70 megabit per second but remained in 15-30 mbps range on most occasions.

He said that “Jio will help advance and realise the potential of every Indian and India. I have no doubt that with the launch of Jio, India s rank will go up from around 150 to among the top ten in the next few years for internet and mobile broadband penetration.”

Next year in 2016, Reliance Jio will rock the Internet hubs. Do you agree?

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