Sony To Make ‘Ultra’ 4K Streaming Service Go Live On April 4th

Sony is on the path of others readying itself to compete with by launching a 4K Ultra High-Definition movie-streaming service starting April 4. The service, called Ultra, will debut only on Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs integrated with Android TV, aka Google’s rival of Apple TV.

However, Sony isn’t wasting any time with its new iteration of 4K streaming service, Ultra, was announced back at CES. With that said, it’ll be launching on April 4 exclusively on its own 4K TV sets, which Sony announced today. No way you will find any rental options either, where, Sony is focusing solely on digital purchases. Get ready to shell out $30 with HDR for 4K movies on Sony’s TVs. Those also includes newer titles like Concussion and The Walk, as well as older films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon etc.

Sony is launching its 4K streaming service on the given date
The oft-mentioned price is for those movies with high dynamic range of 4K videos. While about HDR, which essentially makes the contrast between light and dark colors. Image shot in HDR looks even more prominent so the white highlights are even brighter, which actual purpose is to make the image on screen look more accurate and realistic.

Customers who purchase compatible Sony 4K Ultra HD televisions with Ultra this summer will indeed receive four complimentary movies when they sign up for the 4K streaming service. In this case if you’ve already bought films on Sony’s online store, will be able to opt to the 4K version for a “discount” price. You’ll get four titles for free this summer to those buyers of new 4K Sony TV. Additionally, Ultra is Ultraviolet eligible, so you’ll be able to link to your existing library of films.

In fact there are a few challenges facing the widespread adoption of 4K currently. First and foremost, though the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony are better performers betting on 4K, the actual TVs are still relatively expensive. The second major issue is that there’s still lack of 4K content around, because of its size. That’s what Sony and other fims are hoping to change now. By making more 4K content available, TV manufacturers are hoping to drive uptake of their products.

Still, Sony’s $30 for a 4K digital purchase does sound pretty steep when compared to the $12 per month Netflix fee to access 4K content online. Also, the Ultra service is only available on Sony TVs, which limits its reach. Nevertheless, it’s a bit cheaper than shelling out $400 for Samsung’s 4K Blu-ray player and playing more for discs. Whatever is said and introduced, you’ll be able to get Sony’s films on its own service. If Ultra ends up being easy to use.

Consumers are rapidly upgrading their living rooms to 4K, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s new Ultra streaming service will provide a premium viewing experience to satisfy growing demand for 4K movies and television shows,” Jake Winett, vice president of consumer services and advanced platforms at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, said in a press release on Tuesday.


Movies will include Sony Pictures titles such as “The Night Before” and “The Walk” as well as older movies like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

Expect to see plenty of more 4K streaming services arriving this year, in addition to Sony’s Ultra 4K and Vudu’s offering. It’s unknown at the moment whether the Ultra streaming service could be released on other devices such as the company’s PlayStation 4 games console. There’s a doubt that the Japanese firm planning to release PS4K (PlayStation 4K) which actually be said the update version of PlayStation 4.5, make an appearance at or before PlayStation VR launch in October.

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