Soon, uTorrent Client Considers Ways To Make Users Pay With Its Revenue P2P Model

News that surfaced is indeed accurate and soon, uTorrent which is a BitTorrent client, may no longer be completely free, as it is considered to be a paid version of Totrrent client. Users of BitTorrent, be aware when using uTorrent, or have used in the past will further raking in a tidy sum of money. With 150 million users, the software is the world’s most popular peer-to-peer application for downloading from BitTorrent. Now that gearing up to ditch the freeware revenue app, rather will ask users to pay for the model instead.

uTorrent is of course a peer client for loading .torrent files and BitTorrent software, which is used to download and share larger files online. As BitTorrent technology surged in popularity, the list of uTorrent users also began to swell. After being supported by allowing other developers to bundle their apps alongside the uTorrent installer – though installation of these apps was optional – and getting paid for it, that paid model was found to be less than solid when some of the apps were flagged by anti-virus software recently, which in turn meant that the uTorrent.exe file itself was classified as malware as well. Having its website blacklisted in part by Google as a result, the team behind the uTorrent app have started to explore other ways of making money, though it would seem that they aren’t yet sure exactly what that will look like.

The uTorrent team had to create a revenue model which would keep the development of the client running. Then comes the bloatware, crapware and advertisements which not only annoy torrent users but can slow down systems and tarnishes the reputation of uTorrent as clean, compact software. While the company stops short of saying that it will start charging for the uTorrent app, it surely has to be one of the options on the table. But these methods kept the software free — earning the revenue that otherwise uTorrent users would have to generate via payment.

In a recent blog post, the uTorrent folks said that they “want to find a way to improve uTorrent for our customers while financially supporting the amazing team that works every day to make uTorrent great.” Quite what that will look like is unclear at the moment, however. “We’ve never been satisfied with this revenue model,” the team said. “It requires compromises that detract from a premium user experience. We want to find a model that adds value to our product and our users. We want to find a better way.”


  1. Continue to make uTorrent the best torrent client available
  2. Provide our users with clear options for supporting uTorrent (with options for every budget)
  3. Be open and transparent throughout the entire process

According to the team, paid options will soon be on the horizon, with “options for every budget.” uTorrent will be testing a number of ways to keep the user experience up. An the uTorrent team doesn’t want anything to be behind the scenes here, judging by the three goals it outlined in the aforementioned blog post.

Would you be willing to pay for the next version of uTorrent? Or prefer something like a new ad-driven model to keep the app afloat?

(Source: uTorrent)

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