Twitter Adds Image Descriptions To Help Those Visually Impaired

No secret here as Twitter being the most popular in micro-blogging platform to help someone those visually impared take access Twitter images, has began adding alternative text support for its Android and iOS Twitter apps. They’ll be accessible to people using screen readers and braille displays.

Adds Alt-Text To Twitter Image Uploads Help Visually Impaired
To make Twitter more accessible, has rolled out an update today that lets user add descriptions to their images. Who upload images to Twitter account to then tag those pictures with an interpretation. So that visually impaired users who will then take advantage of text to speech screen readers or braille displays, hep, able to know what’s displayed on-screen.

Once the feature has been enabled — you’ll find it under Settings and Accessibility, get the option to write a caption with each new photograph. Descriptions can be up to 420 characters and will be available to users who are visually impaired, through assistive technology such as text-to-speech screen readers and braille dispays. For that you have to add a description, just by tapping on the pen icon next to ‘add description’ after you upload an image to a tweet.

In order to make it sure you uploaded update reaches everyone, Twitter has also extended its REST API and Twitter Cards for developers with Twitter cliens. Cards from now supports metadata, whereas the REST API has received a new metadata API endpoint developers will need to call.

Twitter made accessible images for everyone.
Both the iOS and Android apps are getting the update. While adding text descriptions to images is only available for iOS and Android, which can be accessed via mobile, the Web or in syndication (embedded tweets on Websites). Twitter says it’s working radically to add image descriptions to as well.

Source: Twitter (Blog Post)

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