Uber Partners Airbus To Soon Offer Helicopter Service In Affordable Price

You all know by now what is Uber and about the coupons and the latest promo codes. Today we are speaking about the service from Uber activates its taxi driving skills to air traveling. Not to confuse you, but Uber is pretty much ready to offer an affordable Helicopter ride ver soon. A new deal between Uber and Airbus partnership could be about to usher in an era of an on-demand flight services, which could eventually help general public opting to travel by an helicopter rather than traveling on a four-wheeler car solution. Indeed, this initiative is an ongoing project hasn’t gone official yet, but will initially debut at the Sundance Film Festival later this week.

Thinking of such aircraft traveling, makes sense when you are planning on going shopping, or else taking a trip to the office or the airport. With the new offering from Uber, you would betterly prefer to make that helicopter trip with stunning aerial views of the world around you. Confirmed by Airbus Chief Executive, Tom Enders – by confirming the Uber partnership, will involve the services of the company’s H125 and H130 helicopters for traveling purposes.

With the Airbus, Uber will also provide standard wheeled transportation for getting passengers to and from the designated landing and take-off zones. It’s a pilot project in all it means.

Enders was asked about the initiative at the Digital Life Design conference, and showed his verge for the early-stage project:

It’s a pilot project, we’ll see where it goes—but it’s pretty exciting.

About Uber, is an extremely successful travel and transportation startup has a little bit of history when it comes to flexing its corporate to get people from one location to another destination using non-traditional travel means has also been ultilized the services to helicopters to transport guests to and from an array of festivals, including the Bannaroo Music and Arts Festival and Cannes Film Festival. Coppers wre been used by Uber to move people between Manhattan and the Hamptons as part of its UberChopper initiative.

Nevertheless, the new Uber Airbus initiative will most likely investigate the potential of making those air trips more mainstream and affordable to those masses rather than showcasing the rides at one-off special events. Like what Uber has been experimenting since 2013 with chopper services.


Deal between Uber and Airbus take things to the next stage by opening up UberChopper to more people and while the Europe’s largest aerospace company in recent times slumps in the price of oil has showed down demand for its aerial vehicles. Firtunately made this happen by forcing it to look at for customers in new areas.

(Source: WSJ)

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