Upgraded WhatsApp For Android App Gets New Quick Reply For Notifications

Just after WhatsApp on iPhone received support for in-app notifications to reply them quickly, today the same Android WhatsApp app gets the functionality of quick replies, means you can now reply to notifications very easily without opening the messaging app. This all happens when you download and install the latest version 2.12.260 APK of WhatsApp beta from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the given version of WhatsApp for Android is not yet available on the official website.

Version 2.12.260 of WhatsApp for Android quick reply feature works on any screen resolution, including the lock screen, similar to what the pop-up notification shows up. Hitting the reply button, users will emter the overlay where they can easily type their reply to the incoming notification and even send them without opening the app. You can simply tap the message to open the text in the app, and the new quick reply can’t be turned off in the Settings, however.

The same functionality Google Messenger app for Android received last year and also followed by the Hangouts app as well, support for quick replies. With today.s WhatsApp for Android beta update, it also brings option to add select multiple ‘chats’ and archive or change mute settings. These features are expected to roll out for stable WhatsApp version of Android app very soon.

You can now download WhatsApp APK For Android version 2.12.560 from here.

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