VoLTE: Airtel And Vodafone Preparing To Add Voice-Over-LTE Technology To Networks

It looks like both the top-most tececommunication companies in India are set to launch VoLTE with Nokia networks to compete with Reliance Jio Infocomm. According to The Economic Times report, Indian mobile operators Bharti Airtel and Vodafone are indeed planning to deploy VoLTE solution on their network in partnership with NokiaNetworks.

As per the reports, citing to unnamed people familiar with the matter, both the Airtel and Vodafone have chosen Nokia for an IP multimedia system for Voice-over-LTE deployment. While Idea Cellular is in “Active talks” with Nokia as well on a similar contract.

For those unware of this, whereas Nokia won a pan-India VoLTE deployment contract worth around US$ 100 million from Reliance Jio in 2015. Speaking about Airtel, which already been offering 4G services across more than 350 towns in the country, will definitely use VoLTE as a complimentary service to its existing voice offerings. Another person related to this topic said that, “wherever Airtel has LTE network, subscribers will be able to do VoLTE call, once it launches VoLTE. In case VoLTE is not available, Airtel will fall back the call within the network to lower technologies, which are 2G and 3G“.

An Airtel spokesperson also speaks about its new offering. “We currently have no plans to launch VoLTE services as the device ecosystem supporting it is too nascent“, without commenting on Nokia deal.

So we’re going to see a big battle against Reliance Jio versus Airtel and Vodafone’s VoLTE technology in India very soon. Unfortunately both Airtel denied any plans to enable the technology on its network and the Vodafone India as though, and Nokia declined to comment on this for now.

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