WhatsApp For Android Can Quote Messages You Want To Respond To: Here’s How It Works

It’s all about instant messaging as WhatsApp for Android now has the ability to quote messages you want to reply to, which sounds very useful WhatsApp group chats with friends and family. Only thing here is that unclear at this moment is, if everyone already has access to it. Firstly, it come out a day ago or so as an experimental feature for the Android app’s beta version 2.16.118. However, many WhatsApp users were able to quote messages on their stable apps (v.2.16.6) for iOS and Android without having to update either of them. Secondary, we didn’t see a new update on iTunes or Google Play Store either.

Nevertheless, it looks like WhatsApp is testing quick quotes that lets you quickly reference a remark someone else previously made in the conversation with a nifty in-line quote. WhatsApp has although remained relatively minimalist for most of its run, so even seeing a small change like this is pretty interesting, though.

According to some sources out there claiming that, the Facebook-owned application already began rolling out the feature out to the general public, so it’s possible that you can already use it. To find out if you have granted access to it, simply press on the message you want to respond to for a few seconds until the action bubble/bar pops up. Next to star, trash, copy and forward is a new option that looks like the arrow typically associated with reply. Click on that now, and the message you want to quote will show up right above your text box like in the screenshots below. Unfortunately, if you can’s seem to make it work, try reinstalling you app or checking again in a day or two — you might definitely have it there.

About the WhatsApp update, is available for both person-to-person chat and groups. It is pretty easy to use. Users will first of all need to select a particular message to quote. It could be either text or media message. After following the aforementioned steps, all a user needs to dow is type the reply and press send. Just select the Reply option and WhatsApp will show a preview with the quoted message and of course a small box to enter the reply.

Once you’ve sent your reply, it will show up inside the conversation with the original quoted message attached on top of it, along with the sender’s color-coded name“, as the source says. WhatsApp will colour code different participants in a group with a variety of clours, which actually make the feature best suited for group chats.

Although WhatsApp is also now fully encrypted end-to-end by default, which means that man-in-the-middle attacks are no longer possible on WhatsApp chats, and no third-party can read or listen in to the conversations. With this new WhatsApp quote feature basically allows users to add context to a message, wherever need, while WhatsApp is trying to make its app simpler for users by adding the ability to refer to old messages. Finally, WhatsApp is also working on a video-calling feature, found inside an Android beta build, and later taken off. For now, we have to wait and see when WhatsApp Video-calling officially launches.

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