WhatsApp Messenger Will Allow Users To Recall And Edit Sent Text Messages

New updates for WhatsApp Messenger will soon be able to allow users to recall and edit sent messages, something like getting Gmail’s absolute feature. Here are the details.

According to the leaks discovered by Twitter user WANetainfo, shared its accuracy on WhatsApp’s next big feature addition, the service will soon let users revoke and edit text messages which they have already sent out. In 2016, WhatsApp has been adding a slew of new features to the cross-platform messaging app, and now it looks like more changes are incoming.

There’s all new WhatsApp video calling feature available for both iOS and Android platforms and the Twitter user has also put a video out which clearly shows up how the messages can be revoked in the iOS version of instant messaging app. It was spotted on the leaked version of WhatsApp beta for iOS, where the ability has been found; apparently users can revoke a message even after it has been read by the recipient. This revoking feature also extends to group chat messages as well.

Well, for the current situation, it’s not clear whether this feature will make its way into the regular user-friendly build soon, or if it will take some time. Originally WhatsApp team take a whole lot time to roll its new features to all user base.

Additionally WhatsApp for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps is also reportedly working on the ability to edit messages. The Tweet speaks that “WhatsApp had added in beta the possibility to edit messages that you already sent, and it is actually disabled by default and it’s under development.”

With that said, WhatsApp is also working on a new way to show ‘Status’, which could actually mean made private. Users will also be able to view just how many of their friends saw their Status update, and also able to delete those status updates on the same time. Earlier this year, WhatsApp was said to be working on making these Status Updates feel a lot more like how Snapchat’s Stories work. On Snapchat itself, the Stories however will disappear in 24 hours, and and can only been seen by those already been your friends viewed your story.

Anything can happen in the real time, so WhatsApp Messenger’s ability on revoking SMS or edit texts might not another huge point.

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