Rumor: Apple To Begin Seeding iOS 10.3 Beta With New ‘Theatre Mode’ On January 10

According to Sonny Dickson, Apple is all set to release iOS 10.3 beta to developers and public testers with a new feature called ‘Theatre Mode’. The person who has occasionally offered accurate information on Apple’s next plans from supply chain sources and other contacts has details regarding the new feature. Here’s everything you need to know.

Dickson says iOS 10.3 will include a new ‘Theatre’ mode inclusion with a “popcorn-shaped” icon in the Control Center, well, he does not explain what exactly this mode will entail. Then Apple is becoming more and more prolific with beta releases of both iOS and macOS, and with today’s rumor claiming on what iOS 10.3 will bring with it when its first beta ships.

The subject shared by Dickson via Twitter suggests that the first beta release of iOS 10.3 will land with developers as soon as January 10th. This specific date makes us think about Dickson knowing something rather than simply putting the pieces together, as Apple is far from beyond changing its plans at the last minute, so we may never really know for sure until we see the OTA update pop up on developers’ devices. Until then, actually going through his word and plan for a January 10 beta release, and fortunately won’t be too surprised if the day comes and goes with no software released.

It’s possible iOS 10.3 could be the major update that delivers some of those best and reportedly those new iPad-specific software features like an improved Apple Pencil support to accompany the hardware updates. Most probably the generic feature that he also claimed that the new software will come with a new “Theatre mode” built-in, with the new feature accessible via a button within the iOS Control Center. That damn button, Dickson says, will be shaped like popcorn in order to represent the feature itself.

Point to note is that, although it may not be apparent in the early stages of developer seeding if the new features are exclusive to unreleased hardware. The release date for the said software update isn’t the only titbit that Dickson offered today. But again, speaking via Twitter, he also claimed that the new one will come with a new “Theatre mode”. As the name suggests, the new Theatre mode will apparently offer things such as dimmed screen lighting, reduced notifications and even a version of Night Shift, which would alter the color of the screen to better suit movie watching, whatever that might look like.

The feature addition of the Theatre mode does make plenty of sense. Smartphone use in the theatre can be distracting for everyone, and anything which can reduce that distraction is just fine tuned in our books.

Another theory also floating around, claiming that Theatre mode could also be Apple’s name for Dark mode in iOS. For that to witness we’ll have to wait and see what January 10th brings before we start getting too excited, though. Happy New Year 2017.

“Leaker claims iOS 10.3 beta 1 codename ‘Erie’ featuring new theatre (dark?) mode, popcorn-shaped control center icon debuts Jan 10th“.

(Source: Sonny Dickson [Twitter])

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