iOS 10.3.2 And iOS 11 Beta Jailbreak Gets Video Demo

Both iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak and iOS 11 beta jailbreak finally gets video demo from the KeenLab team itself. Here are the details.

The highly anticipated game in consumer technology history continues to develop right in front of our eyes. Hack, you remember back in June when images posted on Weibo highlighted the fact that iOS 11 beta 2 had been jailbroken along with iOS 10.3.2 by KeenLab at this year’s MOSEC. And today in the latest development, KeenLab has posted a video showing that jailbreak in action on iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11 beta 2 on iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. This video was originally posted last week but has been brought to our attention just now.

The video, posted to YouTube by Liang Chen of KeenLab shows three devices sitting side-by-side with accompanying annotations showing the model of the device and of course the firmware it is on. We have an iPhone 6 running iOS 10.3.2, an iPhone 7 running iOS 11 beta 2, and an iPhone 7 running iOS 10.3.2. This is a quick process of entering into the Settings app and showing that each device is running the specified firmware before invoking the jailbreak utility which is attributed to “Liang Chen of Tencent Keen Lab.” As believed, it looks to be exact same software and app that was initially shown off on stage during MOSEC 2017 back in June.

The jailbreak app simply presents the user with a “jailbreak” button which then goes through the process of “exploring the kernel,” “patching the kernel,””bypassing AMCC,” and “bypassing kpp,” before finally altering the user that process has been successful. A quick visit back to the Home screen then shows that Cydia has been freshly installed as part of the progression allowing the owner of the device to dive right in and interact with everything that Cydia offers.

The whole process seems to take a little while to execute on the iPhone 7 running iOS 11 beta 2, with the other two devices running iOS 10.3.2 already refreshing and interacting with Cydia before the jailbreak process is even complete on iOS 11.

Interestingly, the video with the original teases during this year’s MOSEC, shows up that jailbreaking iOS 11 is possible, although it remains unclear if the same exploits are still available in later versions of iOS 11. This isn’t going to result in any type of public tool being made available just yet, but nevertheless, it will be very interesting to see how things progress, it at all, when iOS 11 goes public next month.

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