iOS 10.3.3 Beta 5 And macOS 10.12.6 Beta 5 Download Available Now [Update]

You can now download iOS 10.3.3 beta 5 for compatible iPhone and iPad devices, as Apple has just released to developers registered on the Developer Program portal. At the same time, Apple also stopped signing in iOS 10.3.1 IPSW firmware – making it impossible to downgrade from iOS 10.3.2 to the lesser version of the mobile OS.

Anyhow, the release of fifth iOS 10.3.3 beta comes less than a week after beta 4 was released to both developers and public testers, and only a couple of days after Apple made iOS 11 public beta 1 available to members of Apple Beta Software Program portal.

Given the fact that iOS 10.3.3 beta 5 is nothing more than a bug fixer and is a relatively minor release, though, it’s kind of strange that Apple has gone far by releasing five different beta versions for it, which could be because of there was a last-minute showstopper bug that Apple wanted to fix before rolling out the firmware to masses in question. Or maybe with iOS 11 development and testing in full swing, the 10.x series has taken a back seat at Apple?

Release notes and changes, when you speak about? Coming back to that in iOS 10.3.3, apart from including couple of new wallpapers for iPad Pro models, there’s still nothing new in the firmware to write home about it. It includes the usual bug fixes, security patches and under-the-hood improvements to make overall experience more better than before on those iPhone, ipad and iPod touch devices.

With iOS 11 betas out to both developers and testers, it’s only a matter of time before iOS 10.3.3 final version is out to general consumers. For time being, if you are a registered developer or tester of with a configuration profile for iOS 11 betas installed on an iPhone or iPad, you can grab today’s beta 5 OTA update of iOS 10.3.3 from Settings > General > Software Update section of the device. If this is the first time ever, looking to install iOS 10.x betas, you will need to head over to the link mentioned above to get started.

Currently, Apple hasn’t made iOS 10.3.3 public beta 5 available to Apple Beta Software Program testers yet but whenever they do we will update the post accordingly. Stay tuned.

Update x1: Alongside iOS 10.3.3 beta 5, Apple has also seeded macOS 10.12.6 beta 5 to developers.

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