iOS 11.2 Beta Fixes Calculator Bug Found In iOS 11 Beta Versions

The newly released iOS 11.2 beta 1 for developers addresses a Calculator animation issue that’s been present since iOS 11 was released to the public in September and all over the iOS 11 beta testing process.

With the release of first iOS 11.2 beta 1, Apple seems to have patched that Calculator bug which was causing incorrect calculations when numbers are rapidly entered. In was found in all versions of iOS 11 prior to iOS 11.2.

“A calculator animation causes some symbols to be ignored when entered in rapid succession.” For example, if you type 1+2+3 and then hit the equals sign quickly, animation lag is likely to case the result to be 24 instead of 6.

When you do the same slowly, it will be giving the correct answer. Now that iOS 11.2 beta is rolling out via OTA update and also available to download IPSW links directly from Apple Developer Program portal, it seems Apple has removed the animations from that calculator app.

So calculations can be conducted rapidly with no need to pause between entering numbers to obtain the right/correct result.

Though the Calculator bug was live since iOS 11 beta testing period, only gained significant attention last week, likely prompting the fix in today’s beta.

iPhone users who regularly use the Calculator app should find it helpful and much more accurate with the lsow animations removed. Thank you!

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