iOS 11 Features Apple Copied From Jailbreak Apps On Cydia Tweaks Store

Apple adds new features every year which are inspired by jailbreak apps and tweaks already available on the Cydia store, and this time done is no different.

All the world today talking about Apple’s unveiling of its latest mobile operating system and iOS 11 features that are demonstrated during its WWDC 2017 opening keynote. But for all the new features that have been added as part of this upcoming release, so many out there feel eerily familiar. Reason behind this could be probably because, just as with other releases of iOS in the past, it seems that a lot of Apple’s inspiration has somewhat come from jailbreak tweaks that have been around for some time.

There’s no doubt iOS 11 is packed with tons of amazing new features and major improvements, ranging from a redesigned Control Center and App Store to an all-new native screen recorder and 100+ hidden & secret additions found inside the iOS 11 list. While these new features and changes are exciting, though, some of them have been available to jailbreak users for a long time now.

The pattern that has repeated itself for years is now going all the way back to before iOS was even called iOS. Those who jailbreak have been able to use some truly impressive tweaks, adding functionality and features to a stock iOS experience. With iOS 11, no jailbreak is available as yet, but more jailbreak tweaks, or the functionality they bring, have unlocked their way into Apple’s version of what the iPhone and iPad should be capable of. Below, we have something really impressive and going to outline some of the tweaks that we think Apple may have taken some ideas from and the fact is that anyone inside Apple is looking to Cydia for inspiration, but rather interesting to see that Apple continues to add more features that jailbreaking community have been demanding or using for years.

Let’s jump in, as we fake a look at the iOS 11 features that were said to be copied or inspired by jailbreak apps on Cydia. Starting with:

Features / Jailbreak Tweaks

Screen Recorder

Display recorder (for screen recording feature –

Recording an iOS device’s screen is usually for so many reasons, and not just showing off your elite Pokemon Go skills. This is one of those anticipated features iOS users have been requesting for a long time. Apple has finally added this capability in iOS 11 by introducing a native screen recorder that can be toggled from Control Center.

For jailbreak users, Cydia repository offered screen recording tweaks. For instance, CCRecord adds a button to Control Center to quickly toggle screen recording On and Off, while Display Recorder by Ryan Petric is a more feature-rich screen recording tweak for iOS.

Eclipse, Noctis (for Smart Invert dark mode – BigBoss)

The iOS 11’s Smart Invert feature isn’t anything new which is one kind inclusion works like Dark Mode. This same feature is already been offered to jailbreak users in the form of a tweak known as Eclipse, or Noctis. These tweaks work much better than the new Smart Invert that have been made originally to mimic Dark Mode, as opposed to Smart Invert feature in iOS 11 which is an accessibility feature that doesn’t actually work well in some apps such as Instagram. With iOS 11, Apple added a Smart Invert mode or “dark mode” similar to that available for jailbreak users as two tweaks already.

Move Multiple Apps at Once

One of the disturbing things about iOS is that you can move only one app at a time. This can be definitely a big task when it comes to repositing more than a bunch of apps on the Home screen. iOS 11 enters to solve this problem by allowing you to move multiple apps at once.

Being able to move multiple icons on the Home screen at once is something we should always have been able to do. This new feature in iOS 11 has once again inspired by a jailbreak tweak known as MultiIconMover+ (for moving multiple icons on Home screen at once – BigBoss) that allows you to do the same thing aforementioned. Plus it offers way more features, such as moving a group of apps into or out of a folder.

OneHanded (for one handed keyboard – BigBoss)

While the new iPhones have a larger display, which can make it difficult to use with a single hand, especially when you want to type in. iOS 11 brings with it a better solution by introducing a one-handed keyboard mode, where the keys shift a little closer to each other and move to the left or right side of the screen. This feature is quite similar to the OneHanded jailbreak tweak, except that it adds new buttons to the extra space that is created when one-handed keyboard mode is enabled.

SwipeExpander (for number row on iPad keyboard, accessed using swipe gesture – BigBoss)

Recreate iOS 11’s iPad number row on its keyboard, accessible by swiping up on the top row.

More Icons on iPad Dock (Harbor unlimited app icons – BigBoss)

Being able to have more icons on your iPad’s dock is one great addition in iOS 11, except it already exists on jailbroken devices thanks to Harbor. Using it, you can now add more icons to your iPad dock, similarly works in iOS 11. Harbor is another tweak that brings macOS-inspired dock to iOS and works with iPhone as well.

controlMyCenter, FlipControlCenter, Polus (for customizable Control Center – BigBoss)

In iOS 11, Cntrol Center has received a complete redesign. One of the interesting features of the new CC is that you can modify. Customizing how Control Center looks and operates is a feature that we have longed for, and iOS 11 now offers it as a standard. These jailbreak tweaks did it first!

Tweaks including CCHide, Polus, and Onizuka allow you to customize Control Center and add new features to it. While FlipControlCenter is another jailbreak tweak that lets you add or remove toggles from Control Center, which is nothing new for jailbreak users.

QR Code Scanning

One of the essential features that iOS lacked would be the QR code scanner, and in iOS 11, Apple made is available, possible via no longer required third-party apps, rather as the stock Camera app with capability to scan QR codes

View Animated GIFs in Photos App

Finally, Apple has made it literally available of the popular trend of GIFs. iOS 11 now has the ability to display animated GIFs in the stock Photos app, insted showing it as a still frame. For jailbreak users, it’s nothing new as a tweak known as GIFViewer, brought this animation capability a long time back to jailbroken iOS devices.

File Manager

iOS 11 introduces a new app called Files that serves as a file manager app, except that it’s not as good as Filza, or iFile. Jailbreak tweaks offer more features and provide access to the iOS system files.

iWhiteboard, Scibilit (for Markup feature on screenshots – BigBoss)

You are not able to add markup to screenshots that has been praised for years, and apps have filled the void. So you have jailbreak tweaks to do that.

CCLowPower (for Low Power Mode toggle in Control Center – BigBoss)

Similar to the tweak above, this one adds a Control Center toggle that enables or disables Low Power Mode.

iCleaner Pro (for new storage management – BigBoss)

Reclaim valuable storage space with this tweak, or indeed with iOS 11’s new storage management.

Here are 10+ features of iOS 11 that are said to be inspired by the jailbreak community’s tweaks and apps. Now that 32-bit apps no longer been supported in iOS 11, as it only compatible with 64-bit apps.

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