iOS 11 Jailbreak, Cydia Update With Electra Completion Is Almost Here

Developer responsible for the development and release of Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2 devices, has today provided additional updates on the process being made to bring Cydia to Electra. CoolStar means we should expect an updated Electra sooner-rather-than-later.

He also managed to get excitement levels raised earlier this week when he announced that a modified version of Cydia will be installed when jailbreaking with Electra.

The developer CoolStar also was missing three important Cydia dependences that would allow an updated version of Electra to come packaged with Cydia, all this happened when that announcement about a new version of Electra with Cydia update was ready to release. Now, an important update, confirming that two of those three dependencies has been put in place thanks to the assistance of Jay Walker and NitoTV, of Apple TV fame.

The first has been confirmed that both of those individuals had assisted with getting DPKG compiled for iOS/aem64.

Got dpkg compiled for iOS/arm64 thanks to @nitoTV and @Jaywalker!

Just have GPG and APT left to go… 🙂

The second announcement followed just a few hours later, confirming the fact that the GPG dependency had also been crossed off the list with assistance from the same individuals:

Thanks to @nitoTV and @Jaywalker’s script, it’s been a breeze to build GPG for iOS/arm64!

Just have APT left to go!

This progress means that CoolStar and his team of trusted helpers only have APT to go as the final Cydia dependency before a new version of Electra should be able to be released with a modified version of Cydia bundled in as part of the payload. For those unknown, this isn’t the first time that Cydia will have been working on iOS 11 devices, but that Electra will be the first coming with it, and only, jailbreak package to actually liberate an iOS 11 device and inject Cydia.

What’s long known is that saurik is working hard on Cydia update for iOS 11, but with him taking his time on it, this work by CoolStar will make Electra the gold star standard for iOS 11.x.x jailbreaking. You can expect a quick release of an updated Electra in order to give the community what it wants. Stay tuned for more updates!

(Source:  @coolstarorg [Twitter])

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