What’s New In iOS 11.0.1: Release Notes And Changes

Now that Apple has officially made iOS 11.0.1 available to download for all users in ownership of a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device.

What is new and what’s changed in the latest version of iOS 11 update? Here are the full details on the release. According to Apple’s official release notes which accompanied that release, providing perspective regarding changes, improvements, and any features or security additions where applicable.

One of the issues seems to have been fixed with the release of iOS 11.0.1. The initial version of iOS 11 has only been with us for what feels like a couple of days. And Apple’s engineers are already ripping through support requests and known problems, bugs and fix those discovered issues.

This iOS 11.0.1 release is exactly that, a smaller point release which instantly introduces bug fixes, generic improvements, and stability enhancements that should hopefully set the scene for larger releases going forward. Apple also confirmed about a fix coming for static noise problem affecting iPhone 8 / 8 Plus earpiece.

In short, Apple has reached quickly to try and fix some niggling issues that have been picked up in iOS 11.0.

The latest version iOS 11.x looks to include a set of release notes as best it possibly can with each release. What has changed in question. We can simply reference the included changelog to get an immediate understanding of what the iOS engineers have been working on. Unfortunately in iOS 11.0.1’s case, the accompanying release notes doesn’t say much except:

iOS 11.0.1 includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad.

And as far as security content goes, Apple says that:

iOS 11.0.1 includes the security content of iOS 11.

Meaning that iOS 11.0.1 has exact same security patches as 11.0, but includes bug fixes and improvements for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

The issues related to performance, battery and general lag here and there in 11.0 has been fixed in this update. As we get any other findings in iOS 11.0.1 we’ll let you inform. Stay tuned for more.

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