iOS 11.1: New Emojis For iPhone And iPads Revealed By Apple

Apple has officially taken the wraps off a number of newly drawn emojis along with some brand new GIF emoji coming to iOS 11.1 update when it arrives.

Currently, we have iOS 11.1 beta 1 in testing, but the emoji are not part of that package for now. These new emoji are actually Apple’s flavor of new ones that are being added as part of Unicode 10.

iOS 11.1 Emoji

We are going to see a ton of new emoji characters hit the iPhone as well as iPad starting next week with the future iOS 11.1 update. With 56 new emoji added, Apple is revealing over 30 of its new designs today in addition to the handful the company put out on World Emoji Day earlier this year. Here is the guide on: How To Get New Unicode iOS 11 Emoji On iOS 10 Right Now.

iOS Emoji are a bit different from Android Oreo, which has the equivalent characters, and the vast majority of Android users aren’t yet running that version of the software. App developers are now able to build support for new emoji even for those on older Android build versions. It’s not clearly stated that when Apple plans to release iOS 11.1 or versions of macOS and watchOS containing the new emoji, but nevertheless, they all will be available in the next pre-release version of iOS 11.1 beta 2 next week.

It’s likely that iOS 11.1 will be the first platform on which most will get in touch with the new emoji set for. Users are in for something of a treat! Apple says that hundreds of them will be added to the platform, soon. With developers and public beta testers being able to taste next week when second beta of iOS 11.1 arrives.

Anyway, let’s look at them now:

Some of our favorites are the new animals – who don’t like dinousaurs? – and anything that involves food. The animals collection is growing with the addition of a giraffe, a zebra, a hedgehog, what looks like a Brachiosaurus, and the insect that we think is a cricket but might be a grasshopper. If there are any paleontologists or entomologists reading, let us know your thoughts.

Autumn is here, winter is coming, and get ready with new emoji, preparing you for the cold season with characters including gloves, a scarf, a tenchcoat, and a baseball cap.

Food charatcters include the Chinese takeout box emoji that joins the long-awaited dumpling emoji in Unicode 10, along with broccoli and a pie of unknown provenance.

Fans of curling, rock climbing, and more also there, will be pleased to see their sport of choice represented as part of the new collection. And spas should be happy with these “wellness”-related additions. These emoji are designed to be gender-neutral and will be available in various skin tones.

There’s going to be new orange heart emoji, meaning you can spell out a full raindow of love for anyone who doesn’t distinguish between indigo and violet.

These mythical emoji are actually designed to expedite the process of arranging D&D sessions. Smiley faces get a whole lot more expressive in Unicode 10, running the gamut from foul-mounted anger to calm pleas for silence.

Finally, and not to be confused with the metal horns caharcter added a couple of years ago, this new emoji means “I love you” in American Sign Language.

Also included are some fresh smiley faces, which are always welcome. Hile iOS 11 will get the new emoji soon enough.

(Source: Apple)

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