iOS 11.1.1 Changes & Release Notes, Security Content Released

Here are official iOS 11.1.1 changelog, release notes, security content details as well other changes issued by Apple for all your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

To know what’s new in Apple’s iOS 11.1.1 firmware update, which the company has issued it into the public domain, you have to first install iOS 11.1.1 IPSW or do an OTA update. Before that, you can also see what you are installing, here are the iOS 11.1.1 release notes, changelog and security content details which highlights and detail all other changes included in this latest point release.

The official release notes for iOS 11.1.1 immediately finds out in the aftermath of actually finding out that Apple has pushed the aforementioned release out to all global public. You have now been informed by a notification on a compatible device advising that iOS 11.1.1 is now available to download and install on your device. If you installed it and skipped past the release notes, or are yet to actually view the update, then we have the details of what’s changed.

As far as the improvements, changes, and refinements go, this is being released as iOS 11.1.1 should give you an indication of a bug fix. With iOS 11.1 recently released, and iOS 11.2 currently in a beta state with registered developers and public testers, Apple is using this 11.1.1 release mainly to temporary fix the annoying bug “iOS 11 ‘i’ autocorrect” which has been delighting and infuriating susers in equal measures.

The same bug has also been gaining momentum on social media in recent days though. After initially acknowledging the bug, Apple then issued a temporary workaround until a patch could be released. iOS 11.1.1 is that version which contains the patch.

In addition to fixing that, Apple has also bundled in a number of other miscellaneous changes that look to improve the overall stability of the platform for all compatible device owners. You can read the full changelog below:

As for security content, Apple says that “iOS 11.1.1 includes the security content of iOS 11.1,” makes sense as 11.1 was a major release of sorts while 11.1.1 is just a minor bug release.

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